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FY2010 Annual Report

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Carol Spaziani 2009 Volunteer Of The Year

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Busy year marked by advances in technology, strategic planning

Updated website, new self-check stations, eBook collection debut

From eBooks to eAudio, from new self-check stations to a mobile website, the Iowa City Public Library has proven itself to be a leader in offering new technology.

This fiscal year, ICPL launched a new website and overall visits to the website are up almost 50%. Mobile access to the site was made easier with the introduction of a new interface for mobile devices.

eBooks were introduced, and the Library now has more than 600 in its collection. Use of eAudio soared when the service became compatible with iPods. Access to these Overdrive collections was extended to Coralville residents through an agreement with the Coralville Public Library.

The Library was well used, with more than 1.5 million checkouts, and more than 746,000 people through the doors. A successful 18-month-long grant-funded initiative, ECO Iowa City, helped Iowa City residents live greener. The Library’s strategic plan was updated, a major upgrade to equipment and software for checking Library materials in and out was completed, and some important partnerships were strengthened.

Free access to the Internet, children's programming, community spaces, technology support, and meaningful community partnerships are increasingly valuable services at ICPL. Come rediscover all your Library has to offer this year.

2010 Fact Sheet

Iowa City68,903
Rural Johnson County (by contract)19,925
University Heights (by contract)1064
Hills (by contract)722
Circulating Books:175,589
Circulating Non-print Materials:36,062
Print and Electronic Reference:6,789
Periodicals and Newspapers:527
Total collection size:218,967
Visits to the Library:746,556
Information Requests:82,298
Meeting Room Attendance:28,850
Non-Library Meeting Room Use:2,326

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