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Physicians for Social Responsibility, Iowa Chapter

Alternate Name:Iowa PSR or I-PSR
Permanent Address:20 E Market, Room 200
 Iowa City, IA 52245
Director:Maureen McCue, Co-ordinator
Director Address:3043 Eagle Ave NW
 Oxford , IA 52322
Home Phone:319-828-4789
Work Phone:I-PSR Office: 319-337-7290
Contact:John Rachow
Address:3043 Eagle Ave NW, Oxford, IA 52322
Home Phone:319-828-4789
Work Phone:319-530-3608
Meetings:7:00 pm, 2nd Monday, 20 E. Market (Old Brick Annex
Information:The Iowa Chapter PSR, active since 2002, is part of the of the national organization and network of chapters of Physicians for Social Responsibility, whose primary mission is education and advocacy regarding the gravest threats to human health. National policies regarding nuclear, energy, security, environmental health, global warming, and toxic air and water emissions are principal focus areas. 2008 saw our efforts focus on stopping the proposed coal fired power plants. In 2009 Iowa PSR worked successfully on blocking plans for new coal plants in Iowa. In 2010 the chapter issued a 50-page report entitled Iowa Coal Health and worked hard on the new START treaty for reducing nuclear weapons. In 2011 the chapter worked to close the oldest, dirtiest coal plants in Iowa, continued work to educate the public on the rising threat of nuclear weaponry. We continue to work toward eventual ratification of the CTBT nuclear weapons test band treaty, and focus on opposition to proposed Iowa legislation to build a new nuclear power plant financed, in advance, by rate-payers via a novel mechanism designed to bypass the consumer protections of the Iowa Utilities Board. Iowa PSR members continue to support efforts to advance Alternative Clean Energy Sources and De-carbonize and De-nuclearize Iowa while working on halting nuclear proliferation and eliminating nuclear weapons from planet Earth.
Provides Funding:No
Provides Speakers:Yes
Last Contacted:05-01-2012