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100 Grannies For a Livable Future

Permanent Address:320 E College St
 Iowa City, IA 52240
Director:Barbara Schlachter
Director Address:7 Glenview Knoll NE
 Iowa City, IA 52240
Home Phone:319-351-4380
Address: 320 E College Street, Iowa City, Iowa 52240
Information:Protesting for environmental issues, such as continued use of fossil fuels, including risking arrest through civil disobedience. Addressing groups that are not aware of the critical nature of climate change and environmental degradation. Writing for publication, such as op ed pieces, letters to the editor, and other articles. Influencing governments at all levels to develop alternative energy methods, more public transportation (i.e. trains), and to take ecological steps such as banning plastic bags. We're an issues oriented non-partisan organization. Also on Facebook:
Provides Funding:No
Provides Speakers:Yes
Last Contacted:03-01-2014