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Types of Library Cards

Card Types

Resident Cards

For people living in Iowa City, Hills, University Heights and Lone Tree, or in unincorporated (rural) Johnson County. Persons owning property in these areas also are eligible for Resident Cards.

Open Access Cards

People living within the service area of an Iowa library participating in the Open Access Program.

Temporary Cards

People without a permanent address who will be in Iowa City for one to six weeks. Persons applying for Temporary Cards must provide proof of their temporary local address.

In-house Cards

For patrons who are unable to confirm a local address. Services are limited to use of 2nd Floor Internet Computers and checkout of In-house equipment, for use in the Library, that is valued at less than $100.

Cards are also available for children of any age, as well as for local Businesses and institutions. See below for additional details for all card types.

Resident Open Access Temporary In-house
Check out books, movies, discs, & magazines Yes Yes Yes (limit 2)
Check out art prints, chess & checker pieces or storytime kits Yes Yes
Check out equipment Yes Yes *
Internet access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Download audiobooks & music, eBooks & digital magazines Yes Yes
Access reference databases from home or office Yes Yes
Interlibrary loan Yes
* In-house may check out equipment valued at less than $100, for use only in the Library.

Additional Information about Library Cards

Open Access Cards

Open Access Cards are issued to people living within the service area of an Iowa library approved for reciprocal borrowing through the Open Access Program.

To avoid fines on library materials, Open Access borrowers should know the following:

All nonprint materials must be returned to the lending library. Books returned to other libraries and mailed to us will be checked in when returned to us. You are responsible for all items checked out in your name until they are returned.

Nearby communities whose libraries participate in the Open Access program include:

  • Coralville
  • Kalona
  • North Liberty
  • Oxford
  • Solon
  • Swisher
  • Tiffin
  • West Branch
This is not a complete list. Contact us or your local library to verify Open Access participation.

Children's Cards

Children of any age are eligible for library cards. If accompanied by a parent the parent must have identification and address verification. If unaccompanied, the child must be able to give complete application information. A letter will be sent to the parent of children in 6th grade or younger to inform them of the child's receipt of a card. Checkout may be limited to two items if parent is not present at time of application.

Older children (7th grade and up) not accompanied by a parent need to have photo identification (issued at local schools) and address verification (mail recently sent to the child is acceptable). Checkout may be limited to two items if parent is not present at time of application.

There are no age restrictions for borrowing or using library materials and resources. Responsibility for a child's selection and return of materials, and any fines or charges accrued on the child's card, is held by the parent or guardian of the child.

Because we value confidentiality, access to information on children's accounts is only available to their child, or to the parent if they have the child's card.

In-house Cards

May check out any In-house equipment, valued at less than $100, for use only in the Library. This currently includes DVD players, but may include other equipment in the future.

Other Cards

Businesses and institutions located in areas eligible for direct public service (Iowa City, rural Johnson County, Hills, Lone Tree, and University Heights) may apply for an institutional card. There are some restrictions on borrowing.

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