New Children's Fiction
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Brodeck Cover ImageBon voyage / Anna Alter.
jFICTION/Alter Anna
Brodeck Cover ImagePosted / John David Anderson.
jFICTION/Anderson John
Brodeck Cover ImageFarm friends escape! / Gail Herman ; illustrated by Bryan Langdo.
Brodeck Cover ImageA girl like Tilly : growing up with autism / Helen Bates ; illustrated by Ellen Li.
jFICTION/Bates Helen
Brodeck Cover ImageThe unbreakable code / Jennifer Chambliss Bertman ; with illustrations by Sarah Watts.
jFICTION/Bertman Jennifer
Brodeck Cover ImageIn Darkling Wood / Emma Carroll.
jFICTION/Carroll Emma
Brodeck Cover ImageSimon Thorn and the viper's pit / Aimée Carter.
jFICTION/Carter Aimee
Brodeck Cover ImageDragons and marshmallows / story by Asia Citro ; pictures by Marion Lindsay.
jFICTION/Citro Asia
Brodeck Cover ImageThe many reflections of Miss Jane Deming / J. Anderson Coats.
jFICTION/Coats, J. Anderson
Brodeck Cover ImageThe doll's eye / by Marina Cohen ; illustrations by Nicoletta Ceccoli.
jFICTION/Cohen Marina
Brodeck Cover ImageIvy / Katherine Coville ; illustrated by Celia Kaspar.
jFICTION/Coville Katherin
Brodeck Cover ImageBone Jack / Sara Crowe.
jFICTION/Crowe Sara
Brodeck Cover ImageThe alarming career of Sir Richard Blackstone / Lisa Doan.
jFICTION/Doan Lisa
Brodeck Cover ImageStinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the badness of badgers / John Dougherty ; illustrated by Sam Ricks.
jFICTION/Doughert John
Brodeck Cover ImageSam the Man & the rutabaga plan / Frances O'Roark Dowell ; illustrated by Amy June Bates.
jFICTION/Dowell Frances
Brodeck Cover ImageLast day on Mars / Kevin Emerson.
jFICTION/Emerson Kevin
Brodeck Cover ImageThe castle in the mist / Amy Ephron.
jFICTION/Ephron Amy
Brodeck Cover ImageWolfie & Fly / Cary Fagan ; illustrated by Zoe Si.
jFICTION/Fagan Cary
Brodeck Cover ImageThe goat / Anne Fleming.
jFICTION/Fleming Anne
Brodeck Cover ImageArmstrong & Charlie / written by Steven B. Frank.
jFICTION/Frank Steven
Brodeck Cover ImageCleo Edison Oliver in Persuasion power / Sundee T. Frazier ; illustrations by Jennifer L. Meyer.
jFICTION/Frazier Sundee
Brodeck Cover ImageYours Truly / Heather Vogel Frederick.
jFICTION/Frederic Heather
Brodeck Cover ImageEffie Starr Zook has one more question / Martha Freeman.
jFICTION/Freeman Martha
Brodeck Cover ImageWhen my sister started kissing / Helen Frost.
jFICTION/Frost Helen
Brodeck Cover ImageFunny girl : funniest. stories. ever. / edited by Betsy Bird.
Brodeck Cover ImageThe Metropolitans / Carol Goodman.
jFICTION/Goodman Carol
Brodeck Cover ImageOlga and the smelly thing from nowhere / Elise Gravel.
jFICTION/Gravel Elise
Brodeck Cover ImageVilonia Beebe takes charge / Kristin L. Gray.
jFICTION/Gray Kristin
Brodeck Cover ImageBaseball genius / Tim Green, Derek Jeter.
jFICTION/Green Tim
Brodeck Cover ImageMutant mantis lunch ladies! / by Bruce Hale.
jFICTION/Hale Bruce
Brodeck Cover ImageThe sky unicorn / by Paula Harrison ; illustrated by Sophy Williams.
jFICTION/Harrison Paula
Brodeck Cover ImageThe storm dragon / by Paula Harrison ; illustrated by Sophy Williams.
jFICTION/Harrison Paula
Brodeck Cover ImageThe fallen star / Tracey Hecht ; Kate Liebman, illustrator.
jFICTION/Hecht Tracey
Brodeck Cover ImageA rambler steals home / Carter Higgins.
jFICTION/Higgins Carter
Brodeck Cover ImageTut : my epic battle to save the world / P.J. Hoover.
jFICTION/Hoover, P. J.
Brodeck Cover ImageDouble or nothing : with the two and only Kelly twins / Johanna Hurwitz ; illustrated by Tuesday Mourning.
jFICTION/Hurwitz Johanna
Brodeck Cover ImageYours sincerely, Giraffe / Megumi Iwasa ; illustrations by Jun Takabatake ; translated by Kathy Hirano.
jFICTION/Iwasa Megumi
Brodeck Cover ImageChange up / Derek Jeter with Paul Mantell.
jFICTION/Jeter Derek
Brodeck Cover ImageHit & miss / Derek Jeter with Paul Mantell.
jFICTION/Jeter Derek
Brodeck Cover ImageSuperfairies : adventures in Peaseblossom Woods / by Janey Louise Jones ; illustrated by Jennie Poh.
jFICTION/Jones Janey
Brodeck Cover ImageJack & Louisa. Act 3 / Andrew Keenan-Bolger & Kate Wetherhead.
jFICTION/Keenan-Bolger, Andrew
Brodeck Cover ImageHello, universe / Erin Entrada Kelly.
jFICTION/Kelly Erin
Brodeck Cover ImageAmina's voice / Hena Khan.
jFICTION/Khan Hena
Brodeck Cover ImageCaptain Awesome takes flight / by Stan Kirby ; illustrated by George O'Connor.
jFICTION/Kirby Stan
Brodeck Cover ImagePayback / Gordon Korman.
jFICTION/Korman Gordon
Brodeck Cover ImageMeg Mackintosh and the mystery on Main Street : a solve-it-yourself mystery / by Lucinda Landon.
jFICTION/Landon Lucinda
Brodeck Cover ImageDingus / written by Andrew Larsen.
jFICTION/Larsen Andrew
Brodeck Cover ImageAudacity Jones steals the show / Kirby Larson.
jFICTION/Larson Kirby
Brodeck Cover ImageCarmen the cheerleading fairy / by Daisy Meadows.
jFICTION/Meadows Daisy
Brodeck Cover ImageLola / Ellen Miles.
jFICTION/Miles Ellen
Brodeck Cover ImageBig game jitters / by L.M. Nicodemo ; illustrated by Graham Ross.
jFICTION/Nicodemo, L. M.
Brodeck Cover ImageFrantic friend countdown / by L.M. Nicodemo ; illustrated by Graham Ross.
jFICTION/Nicodemo, L. M.
Brodeck Cover ImageMia measures up / by Coco Simon.
jFICTION/Simon Coco
Brodeck Cover ImageSafe harbor / C. Taylor-Butler.
jFICTION/Taylor-Butler, Christine
Brodeck Cover ImageThe song of glory and ghost / N.D. Wilson ; illustrations by Forrest Dickison.
jFICTION/Wilson Nathan
Brodeck Cover ImageBeen there, done that : school dazed / edited by Mike Winchell.
jFICTION/Winchell, Mike
Brodeck Cover ImageGood wish gone bad / Shana Muldoon Zappa and Ahmet Zappa with Alexa Young.
jFICTION/Zappa Shana