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Collection Development Plans

New Nonfiction in the Collection

Collection Development Plans serve to define the scope and character of different sections of the Librarys collection of materials. The plans reflect the principles of the Collection Development Policy and inform both staff and public of the part each section plays within the context of the collection as a whole, explaining the criteria and priorities for selection and removal of materials.

Adult and Young Adult

Written and revised on a rotating schedule by working groups of librarians, the plans vary in style but share a common format. The basic format includes:

Description: This section provides a short description of the collection, including its general purpose and history where pertinent.

Exceptions and Scope: This section describes the extent of the collection, special considerations the collection addresses and limitations.

Audience: The audience describes users the particular collection is intended to serve.

Size and Duplication: This section describes the overall size of the collection and criteria used for purchase of multiple copies.

Selection Plan: The selection plan describes criteria and selection tools used when choosing materials for the specific collection. Goals for future development may also be included.

Maintenance: Collection maintenance describes criteria for removal of materials and details unique challenges, such as collections that receive extraordinary wear and tear or those that need frequent replacement to stay up-to-date.