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Photocopy and Facsimilie Services


Public Photocopier on the Second Floor

A black and white photocopier is available on the 2nd Floor. Black and white copies cost 10 cents per page. The machine only take change or the TracSystem Printing Card. A change machine is available in the lounge on the 2nd Floor. You can purchase a TracSystem Printing Card for $2.00 at the 2nd Floor Page Station.

2nd Floor Page Station

Second Floor Page Station

For help with the photocopier or to use the fax machine ask the Library staff at the Page Station for assistance.

Fax Machine

Fax Machine at the Second Floor Page Station

A public fax machine is located at the Second Floor Page Station. The fax machine is only available for outgoing faxes.

For domestic faxes (including Canada), the Library charges $1 per page up to ten pages. For every page after the first ten pages, the cost is 50 cents. For international faxes, the first page costs $3.00. After the first page, $2.00 is charged per page. There is no fee for cover pages.