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Elected Officials: Other Cities in Johnson County

Following are addresses and information for contacting additional officials in Johnson County. For additional information go to


Mayor John Lundell

403 Holiday Road
Coralville IA, 52241
Term Ends:
Phone: 319.251.1125
City Hall: 319.248.1700


Mayor Tim Kemp

59 Williams Circle
Hills IA, 52235
Term Ends:
Phone: 319.679.3309
City Office: 319.679.5206
City Clerk: 319.679.2405

Lone Tree

Mayor Rick Ogren

106 Carmi-Pat Drive
Lone Tree IA, 52755
Term Ends:
Phone: 319.621.4211
City Hall: 319.629.4615

North Liberty

Mayor Amy Nielsen

168 Lockmoor Cir
North Liberty IA, 52317
Term Ends:
Phone: 319.541.8019
City Hall: 319.626.5700


Mayor Gary L. Wilkinson

135 E. Wilson Street
Oxford IA, 52322
Term Ends:
Phone: 319.828.4742
City Hall: 319.828.4742


Mayor Markus Cannon

2896 Woodrow Dr. N.E.
Shueyville IA, 52338
Term Ends:
Phone: 319.329.5151
City Hall: 319.848.7626


Mayor Steve Stang

131 W Main St
Solon IA, 52333
Term Ends:
Phone: 319.624.2163
City Hall: 319.644.3755


VACANT - Special Election 2/4/2014

Swisher IA, 52338
Term Ends:
City Hall: 319.857.4539


Mayor Steve Berner

140 W 3rd Street
Tiffin IA, 52340
Term Ends:
Phone: 319.420.8719
City Hall: 319.545.2572

University Heights

Mayor Louise From

207 Monroe Street
University Heights IA, 52246
Term Ends:
Phone: 319.354.1433
City Clerk: 319.337.6900

West Branch

Mayor Mark Worrell

411 North 1st St
West Branch IA, 52358
Term Ends:
Phone: 319.643.2649
City Offices: 319.643.5888

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