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General Games for Kids

  • Cartoon Network Games are listed in an alphabetical list, three letters-worth at a time. The games are also divided into sections on Action, Adventure, Arcade, and Sports.
  • Disney Online Kids Island Lots of different locations on this island, each with it's own games. Some games require the Internet Explorer (IE) browser.
  • Fun Brain Sudoku, games, math, and reading activities. The original home of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • Miniclip Over 300 games including Sports, Action, Puzzle, and Shoot-'Em-Ups.
  • Arcade, sports, 3D, and multi-player games, plus games with Nick characters.
  • One More Level A new Flash game is added each day.
  • Prongo Arcade and Memory games separated into sections for different age kids.
  • RuneScape This complex 3D multiplayer online role-playing game with a medieval fantasy theme is for older kids only.
  • Yahooligans' Games A great selection of games from the kids' search engine site.
  • Zeeks Games Sports, arcarde, science, math, language, and board games, as well as puzzles and just plain mindless fun.
  • AdventureQuest Worlds A 3D multiplayer online role-playing fantasy game for older kids only.
  • Grade and subject based worksheets, printables and educational games in the Language Arts
  • Fun Games, worksheets and printables for Math
  • Hiccups Science Workshop Features science experiments, free printables and worksheets with a focus on scientific methods