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Iowa City Public Library and the Internet

Computers in public libraries, the Internet, and the World Wide Web, are here to stay. The Iowa City Public Library provides open and free access to these and other information resources and services for everyone, regardless of age. Children may use Internet service with a parent or caregiver or independently (see the Library’s unattended child policy). We consider it our responsibility to be a leader in providing information, though we are aware that some of the information provided in any public library may be considered inappropriate for children.

The Information and Children’s Services Departments provide Internet computers for you and your child to use to access World Wide Web sites of your choice. The Library has created our own "home page" to help you and your family find quality-oriented information and recommended links to a wide variety of topics. It includes a special "ICPL Kid’s Page" section which points to excellent educational and recreational web sites for children. These sites are selected and evaluated by Library staff who make every effort to insure that those included are age and interest appropriate. As a parent, you can use these sites to guide your child’s Internet sessions, both at the Library and by remote access from your home computer. Filtering software is not used, so no sites are inaccessible. You or your child may select or be exposed to information, words, or pictures that you may disapprove of.

We want you to have a positive experience at the Iowa City Public Library. One way to ensure this is to accompany your child to the library. If you cannot always be with your child, you should be aware that library staff do not control or censor any user’s collection use or Internet sessions. We will help all who ask to find specific information in both print and electronic formats as needed.

As a parent, you need to be aware of the possibility that your child may select, view, or read materials you might find offensive. The Iowa City Public Library strongly encourages parents to guide their children’s Internet experiences, in the same manner that they guide children’s reading material and television or movie viewing choices.

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The text in this section was adapted with permission from the Boston Public Library.