Internet SafetyInternet Safety

What You as a Parent Can Do

  • Talk to your child about the Internet.
  • Set Internet use rules together.
  • Be aware of computer services offered by the library.
  • Visit the library with your child.
  • Take advantage of Internet training opportunities available at the library.
  • At least at first, sit with your child and explore the Internet together.

"Cyberspace," "Surfing the Net," and "Chat Lines" may be terms that you have read recently in a newspaper or magazine or heard on television or radio. These phrases are used when talking about the Internet and World Wide Web. Today, children are learning about these popular online resources from their friends, in school, and at the public library. The Internet is an exciting medium for learning and communication which has unlimited possibilities as an information and educational service available to all citizens at their public library. But, as can happen during times of change, conflicting reports about the Internet and its resources have lead to public concern, confusion, and fear.

"Surfing the Net" can be an exciting family experience. The opportunities to learn, grow, and expand one’s horizons are great. Make the most of them by sharing this exciting experience with your child - today!

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The text in this section was adapted with permission from the Boston Public Library.