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Outreach Locations

Donated and discarded materials are regularly distributed to community, youth, senior citizen residences throughout the City. Outreach collections can be found at:

  • 4C's (children's books only)
  • ARC of Johnson County
  • Broadway Street Neighborhood Center
  • Capitol House Apartments
  • Chatham Oaks
  • Dept of Human Services (Children's Books only)
  • DVIP (Children's Books only)
  • Four Oaks
  • Hope Lodge (American Cancer Society)
  • Johnson County Jail
  • Melrose Meadows
  • Mercer Park Aquatic Center (Children's Books only)
  • Oaknoll Retirement Residence
  • Pheasant Ridge Neighborhood Center
  • Shelter House (Children's Books only)
  • Tate High School
  • Walden Place