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704. Use of Library's Cardholder File

See also related policy: Confidentiality (802). See also Code of Iowa Chapter 22.7(18), Confidential Records.


Public access to names of persons who hold Iowa City Public Library cards would discourage use of the Library. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Library cardholders' names and contact information are protected from public examination.


Use of the cardholder file is limited to Iowa City Public Library and Iowa City Public Library Friends Foundation. Use of the file is limited to activities designed to enhance or improve the Library or to inform Library users about Library services.

Adopted - 02/27/86
Reviewed - 03/30/89
Revised - 12/19/91
Revised - 11/21/96
Revised - 03/23/00
Revised - 01/23/03
Reviewed - 01/22/09