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Local News Index

The Local News Index, produced by the Iowa City Public Library, provides indexing for local information in newspapers and magazines, codes for which appear in the Paper column. Note the Paper, Date and Page number from your search results for looking up the full text of the articles on microfilm or at the Page Station. Codes are:

PC=Press Citizen (1966-Present)
DI=Daily Iowan (1986-Present)
LV=Little Village (2001-Present)
IC=Icon (1993-2000)
GA=Iowa City Gazette (1999-2000 No longer available on microfilm. Ask at the Reference Desk for assistance.)
IM=Iowa City Magazine (1993-1996)
CR=Cedar Rapids Gazette Neighbors Section (1986-1998 No longer available on microfilm. Ask at the Reference Desk for assistance)

Search Guidelines

Exact words found in articles are indexed; thus subject headings may vary. Cross-references help to link subject headings, but searching several headings will give the best results. For example, “downtown” and “pedestrian mall” headings yield articles both unique and overlapping.

A few conventions have evolved:

Articles are presumed to be about IOWA CITY, unless indicated otherwise. Headings about the city may be listed under “city budget” or “city employees” when the headings “budget” or “employees” might cause confusion.

Articles about The University of Iowa are listed under UI-.

Headings for “Coralville” and “Johnson County” appear as both prefixes and suffixes. You will notice two alphabets, one without hyphens (“Coralville City Council”) and one with a hyphen (“Coralville-Urban Renewal”). The distinction is that proper names of organizations will not have hyphens, whereas subheadings of the general heading will. Check in both locations for best results. All UI headings have hyphens.

Articles about city government are generally listed under “City Council.” Articles on county government are generally listed under “Johnson County Supervisors.” Articles on school administration are generally listed under “School Board.”

Articles on elections are listed under the name of the office with the added suffix “Elections” (“School Board-Elections” or “Presidents, U.S.-Elections”.)