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Iowa City Public Library RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

The Library provides a variety of timely content to our community. As RSS has become increasingly popular among Internet users, we are adding RSS feeds to our website as an additional source for this information.

Current ICPL Feeds

The following feeds are not meant to be browsed with a click. They must be added to your RSS reader in order to work. Please see the "useful links" in the right column for instructions if needed.

ICPL Websites

  • Newsroom - Current Library news and information on special events.
  • Current Events - Current events and displays for today, updated to the minute. If there are no more events upcoming, the next day's events will be provided.
  • Staff Picks - Reviews of items in the Library's collections written by staff.
  • Teens Blog - ICPL Teens Blog posts news and event information relevant to young adults.

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About Our Feeds

ICPL is currently serving RSS information in the original 0.91 version of the specification to ensure greatest compatibility. We will provide 2.0 syndication options for those with more current readers in the future as we also make more feed options available.

What is RSS?

"RSS" stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a web content syndication format, based on XML, that allows websites to provide dynamic information in a "feed" to readers. RSS feeds can be used in a variety of ways, from being displayed on an aggregate news site like Google News to reading the information on your desktop with a standalone program. RSS readers automatically update their data from the source website, so that you continually receive the latest news and information.

Useful Links