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Videorecording and Live Cablecasts

Equipment in Meeting Room A enables non-profit organizations holding meetings in Meeting Room A to videotape their meeting and/or show their meeting live on The Library Channel. Prior approval is required and must follow established guidelines. A complete copy of the procedure "Reserving and Using Video Production Facilities in Meeting Room A" is available at the Help Desk.

Use of the video production equipment in Meeting Room A is limited to specific City of Iowa City staff and the staff and trained producers of Public Access Television, Inc (PATV). Non-profit organizations must arrange for an authorized individual to run the equipment during their meeting. All arrangements for use of the equipment must be made at least 14 days in advance by calling 319.887.6024. Technical assistance from Library staff cannot be guaranteed, but will be provided when possible.

Programs videotaped in Meeting Room A must follow the general Meeting Room Guidelines. Events must be free and open to the public. Requests for live cablecast on The Library Channel must be made at least 14 days in advance. Approval will be given for programs that have a broad community appeal if they can be accommodated without major disruption to the Library's program schedule. Programs shown live will not be re-cablecast.

How to Arrange for Videorecording/Cablecast

  1. Reserve a meeting room at the Help Desk.
  2. City Departments desiring video coverage should contact the City of Iowa City Cable TV Office at 319.356.5047 and request their production assistance. After making arrangements with that department, contact the ICPL AV Librarian.
  3. Non-profit organizations wishing to have their meeting videotaped should contact either:
    • The City of Iowa City Community Television Service (CTS) at 319.356.5454. After making arrangements with the CTS, you must contact the ICPL AV Librarian.
    • The ICPL AV Librarian for a list of volunteer PATV producers certified to use the equipment.
  4. Programs and events videotaped in Meeting Room A may also be cablecast live on The Library Channel if the program has a broad community appeal and can be accommodated without major disruption to the Library's program schedule.
  5. All requests must be presented in writing, at least 14 days in advance, on the "Request for Live Cablecast" form available at the Help Desk.
  6. All live cablecasts must follow Iowa City Public Library Cable Television Channel Programming Policy (703) and Policy on Meeting Room and Lobby Use (806).
  7. Due to library staffing hours, all live cablecast will end at Library close; however, use of production equipment may continue with meeting room use as dictated by the Iowa City Public Library Meeting Room Policy.