December workshops for adults

Don’t let winter weather stop you from attending these seasonal workshops and classes about new technology:

Holiday Greetings in Canva

Thursday 12/1, 6-7pm on Zoom

Are you looking to design your own seasonal greeting card, a personalized social media graphic, or letterhead for your annual letter? You can accomplish all those projects and more in, a free graphic design website. Learn how to use its templates, photo editing tools, clip art, and text options to create your own stylish holiday greetings for printing or digital sharing.


Intro to Windows 11

Friday 12/2, 10:30-11:30am (after Black Friday)

Friday 12/30, 10:30-11:30am (in case you receive a computer gift over the holidays)

Anyone who's recently purchased a new Windows computer knows that they come with Windows 11 installed nowadays. Join Stacey for an overview of how this latest operating system is set up, so you can navigate around like an expert again. Feel free to bring your Windows 11 laptops along for Q&A.


Tour of the Digital Media Lab

Saturday 12/3, 1-2pm

We don’t usually schedule tours of the lab on the weekend, so take advantage of this one!  Find out what’s in this room so you can optimize your creative and digitization projects.  All skill levels welcome. 


Hour of Code

Monday 12/5, 6-8pm

Interested in trying out computer coding? Code is what drives every website, video game, and computer program you’ve ever used. Learn to think like a coder, using your problem-solving skills to create instructions for a computer to follow.  It’s easier than you think!

Join Emma (a computer science major) and Alyssa (the library’s web developer) for activities from the Hour of Code website, which are geared toward beginners.


Make a 2023 Calendar

Thursday 12/8, 6-7pm

Before you shop for a 2023 calendar for your home or office, consider making your own! Learn how to create printable calendar pages featuring your own photos in Adobe InDesign.

While most mass-produced calendars are folded or spiral-bound, ours will feature flat sheets that are either held together with ordinary binder clips (provided) or displayed on a simple paper stand that we'll create. Embrace this modern, minimalist look!  Participants who bring 12 images will leave with a free printed calendar, or a template to complete later.


Graphic Design Hangout

Tuesday 12/13, 5-7pm

Do you love to make things in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, GIMP, Canva, or other graphic design software? Would doing it around others at this specific time motivate you to finally start or finish a project, experiment more, and share ideas? Of course it would! Join Stacey for a casual coworking session.


Intro to the Cricut Cutting Machine

Thursday 12/15, 6-7pm

By the time of this event, we'll have a Cricut Maker 3!

Anyone interested in using the Cricut to create paper cut-outs, vinyl stickers, iron-on designs, or other creations is invited to this introductory session. Stacey will walk us through the following:

  • What you can make with a Cricut
  • What the library can provide, and what materials you'll need to supply for yourself
  • A demonstration of the Cricut Design Space app
  • See the thousands of pre-made images, projects, and fonts available to you in Cricut Access
  • How to save a file in Illustrator or another program to be cut on the Cricut
  • See it in action
  • How you can make a reservation for a time slot!

It's not required to attend an intro session to use the Cricut. This is for those who'd like to get an overview and leave with the knowledge needed to plan a project for a future reservation time! 

(We’re still finalizing the Cricut reservation procedure, learning how it works, buying accessories, and gearing up to make instructions for it!  Actual debut date TBD.)


Make a Light-up Greeting Card

Monday 12/19, 6-7pm

Hey, grown-ups! This is your chance to enjoy a program we had for kids in the past. You should get to learn about electronic circuits, too! 

Using LED bulbs, conductive tape, batteries, and our own drawings (or pre-made images for those who'd rather not draw), we'll create an interactive light-up card to brighten someone's day. Learn a little bit of science coupled with a creative opportunity. (eg. If your card has one little light, what would it be in the overall design? Something poetic, like the window of a distant cabin in the forest? Or something ridiculous?)


See you soon!


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