Earth Day Every Day at ICPL

At today's Earth Day Fair at Kirkwood Community College, some people wondered why the public library was there alongside groups like 100 Grannies, Table to Table, and Field to Family. Well, when it comes to "Reduce and Reuse," public libraries have been there from the start. Think of all the books and movies you've checked out from the library instead of purchasing, and all the paper and plastic casing that was avoided!

Not to mention our books on every environmental topic you can imagine. Here's a partial list with call numbers to whet your appetite:

307.12   Urban planning
332.024 Going car-free
333.95   Biodiversity
344.046 Environmental law
363.7     Environmental ethics
363.73874  Climate change
621.042 Alternative energy
631.875 Composting
635.0484  Organic gardening
635.95177  Native plants
640         Eco cleaning supplies
640         Zero waste lifestyle
641.5636   Vegetarian cookbooks
641.56366   Vegan cookbooks
644         Energy efficient home
648.8     Minimalism
697.78   Solar power your home
745.5     Upcycling
796.6     Bicycle riding

With so many great online resources, you can keep your carbon footprint small by cutting down on some trips to the library. Get the New York Times online, watch streaming movies on Kanopy, flip through magazines on RB Digital, and of course get your ebooks and e-audiobooks on Libby.

AND one of our new Discovery Kits has perfect Earth Day appeal: "Make your home more energy efficient" has a thermal leak detector and an electricity usage monitor, so you can find out where your house has room for improvement.

Tree-lovers might also enjoy our Arbor Day display, featuring books and movies with prominent trees. Think the Ents from Lord of the Rings, Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter. We've also included tree identification guides and other nonfiction about the ways that trees resonate with people.

Finally, ambitious homeowners will find landscaping books on display upstairs. Build a patio, a stone retaining wall, walkways, or find advice on laying out your garden this year.

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