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musicapps3 If you're like me, you weren't too shocked when an article from earlier this year suggested that people stop listening to new music around the age of 33.  Even though that study was based on Spotify user data, which I considered a fairly small pool, it had definitely been a while since this 34-year-old had sought out a new band and given an album a reverential first listen like she used to.

So it was partially in my own interest that I asked my co-workers how they find and listen to music online for a December display.  "Our favorite music apps and websites" are currently displayed on the library's 2nd floor, and they include apps for streaming music, ways to listen to the radio online, methods for finding the name of a song heard in public, recordings of live performances, free tuning apps (for the musicians out there), and places to find music news and reviews.

Take this opportunity during Music Is The Word to shake up the statistics by downloading a free app, establishing a streaming account to generate recommendations, or finding your new favorite sound.  Here's a selection of our 27 staff recommendations:

  • Spotify  "I really love listening to my Discover Weekly playlist. It takes suggestions from what you have already listened to or saved and creates a playlist of around 30 songs that you don't already have. Every Monday I check out my playlist and by the end of the week I usually save about half of the songs that week. It's a great way to expand your musical horizon without being overwhelmed and it feels like your week has a soundtrack." -Mari
  • Pandora  "We have cultivated lists (developed by “liking” and “disliking” songs). We also use some universal lists (James Taylor Christmas, for example). There is a 100 list limit and often we have to delete a list to create or open a new one. One year we stayed at the Grand Canyon Lodge (North Rim) and they were playing music from the 1940’s. When we came home, we made an Andrews Sisters playlist. Whenever we listed, we felt like we were back at the Grand Canyon."  -Kara
  • daytrotter.com  "Amazing live sessions featuring a mix of national recording artists and local or “under the radar” touring groups, based out of Rock Island, IL."  -Jason
  • dustandgrooves.com  "I use this when I want to listen to music, and expose myself to new tunes. You get the benefit of someone else's knowledge in various genres.  It is like listening to the radio, without the commercials!"  -Dona  [Their newly released book is available at ICPL, too!]
  • AllMusic  "If you type in any band or artist name in the search engine, it will lead you to that group’s page. If you click on the “related tab” above the band’s overview, it gives nice lists of groups/artists that are “similar to” the artist searched as well as a list of the artists’ influences and what groups were influenced by them, if that makes any sense. It is a great way to find things that are related to a certain sound you already like!"  -Heidi

How do you find and listen to music online?

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