Local Association Record

Tennis Association, Iowa City

Alternate Name:Midlands Tennis Tournament
2400 N. Dodge
Iowa City, IA 52245

Director: Mark Blume
Director Address:
1360 Deerfield Dr
North Liberty, IA 52317
Home Phone: Cell 319-400-8857
Work Phone: cell 319-351-5683
Directors Email: markblume@mchsi.com

Meetings: at will
Description: Administrating body of 'Iowa City Midland Tennis Tournament'; Administrating body of USTA/National Junior Tennis League. Works with the Recreation Center in the summer tennis program. Organized since 1981. Member of the United Stated Tennis Association [USTA]. Involved in all aspects of tennis in the local community. Involved in fundraising.

Provides Funding: No
Provides Speakers: Yes
Last Contacted: 02/01/2009