Book Madness

Book Madness 2020 has been cancelled.


If you think March Madness is rough, wait until you try this.

Which book will have what it takes to win this literary challenge? Predict the winner and you could win the grand prize!

Vote every week to help your favorites go through.

May the best book win!


Divided into two tournaments, the 2020 categories are:


  • Stories from America
  • Own Voices
  • Spy Thrillers
  • Celebrity Book Club Picks


  • Picture Books to Read Aloud
  • Novels and Stories in Verse
  • Family Reads
  • Scary Stories

Print your bracket: Adults/Teens Bracket | Children's Bracket

How does it work?

Return your completed bracket by Sunday, March 1st. You can pick one up at the Library or print one at home to return to the Library.

Voting begins March 2nd, with your votes deciding which books advance in each round.

Stay up-to-date on each week's winners through the Library’s social media or by checking back every Monday to see which titles advanced through to the next round.

The person who most correctly predicts the bracket outcome will win a prize! One person will win in each the adult/teen bracket and the kids bracket.

Voting Timeline

Your favorites need your vote to go through!

First round
March 2 - 8
Second round
March 9 - 15
Sweet 16
March 16 - 22
Elite 8
March 23 - 29
Final 4
March 30 - April 5
April 6 - 12

Winners will be announced on April 13!