Picture Books

I'm not scared, you're scared! book cover

I'm not scared, you're scared!

Seth Meyers

jE Meyers
Picture Books

Bear is so timid that he is even afraid of his own reflection, but he does not like to admit that he is scared to his friend, Rabbit, who is very daring--but when Rabbit is in danger Bear finds the courage to rescue his friend.

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Such a fun book! I heard about this delightful picture book from listening to an interview Meyers did with Fresh Air's Terry Gross, and was tempted to give it a try. Did not disappoint! I'm usually dubious of celebrity picture books, but often pleasantly surprised. This has all the hallmarks of a great read-a-long book and I recommend adding to your repertoire. -Frannie

The crab ballet book cover

The crab ballet

Renée LaTulippe

jE LaTulippe
Picture Books, Nature, Music

When the tide is out, the Crab Ballet begins, featuring anemones, squid, crabs and many other sea creatures, an aquatic corps de ballet performing for the reader.

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Beautiful, entertaining, and educational! -Casey

Thingamabob book cover


Marianna Coppo

jE Coppo
Picture Books

"What is a thingamabob? A thingamabob can be anything . . . and so can you! A sweet, empowering picture book about self-discovery from the acclaimed author-illustrator of Petra. In the beginning, the universe was one great big thing. Then that thing exploded into gobs and gobs of thingamabobs. All of the thingamabobs had a purpose . . . all except for one small, shapeless thingamabob. No one knew what it was for. It wasn't this or that. It wasn't here or there. What's the use of this thingamabob? But everything changes for Thingamabob when it makes a friend in the park. And Thingamabob realizes that if you aren't one thing . . . you can be everything!"--

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Really fun whimisical illustrations bordering on minimalism. You'll be pulled in by the drawings and the same font as "Everyone Poops", but end the book feeling great about a story of inclusion that doesn't have moments of meanness like those types of stories normally have. Think the "Ugly Duckling" without the ugliness. -Frannie

A perfect day book cover

A perfect day

Jennifer Yerkes

jE Yerkes
Picture Books, Nature

"One bright summer day, the animals of the pond create a symphony of sounds"--

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Beautiful illustrations, minimalistic text, and ample space for performative storytelling make for a fabulous storytime read-aloud. Just right for sharing and beginning readers! -Casey

Where wonder grows book cover

Where wonder grows

González, Xelena, author.

jE Gonzalez
Picture Books

"A grandmother explores her special garden with her granddaughters. Wonder grows everywhere but Grandmother especially loves to show it in her story garden. She invites her granddaughters to join her there in a sweet meditation on the treasures she's brought to that magical place--the rocks, the shells, the crystals, the meteorites : how they came to be, how they were formed, how they each have a story to tell"--Provided by publisher.

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Spring is approaching and Xelena Gonzalez's latest is the perfect book to share as the season changes. -Casey

Piece by piece book cover

Piece by piece

Susan Tan

jE Tan
Picture Books

A child who loves visiting museums with her grandmother is sad when Nainai returns to China, but her father takes her to see something special where signs of Nainai are in every corner. Includes facts about the Peabody Essex Museum's Yu Yu Tang exhibit.

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I visited the Peabody Essex Museum together with my close family and my extended family. That was a wonderful memory as precious as Nainai’s blanket. Strongly recommend this beautiful picture book that is well mixed with separation and togetherness, feelings and facts. -Fang

Ellie makes a friend book cover

Ellie makes a friend

Mike Wu

jE Wu
Picture Books

"A panda has joined the animals, and she's a painter like Ellie! Is there room for two artists at the zoo?"--Page [2] of cover.

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I love to read all about pandas! And this is one of the best! Both Ellie and Ping are so loving and smart when they find the beauty of friendship and new inspiration. -Fang

Kalamata's kitchen book cover

Kalamata's kitchen

Sarah (Sommelier) Thomas

jE Thomas
Diverse Characters, Picture Books

"Tomorrow is Kalamata's first day at a new school, and she's nervous! If only Kalamata and Al Dente could go to back to the Indian spice market they visited this summer, then maybe she'd remember how to feel brave when new experiences seem scary. Luckily for Kalamata, all the magic required for her journey is right in her own kitchen! As Kalamata and her alligator friend, Al Dente, transport themselves to a magical land filled with tasty ingredients, she realizes being brave is exciting!"--

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"Being brave is delicious!" This is a very unique story featuring an Indian-American girl who is afraid about starting a new school and finds comfort in her mother's kitchen. Kalamata is a great little heroine for foodies, and she has such a vivid imagination. I appreciated a short read, beautiful pretty pictures, and recommend this story for kids when trying new things! -Mari

Baby, sleepy baby book cover

Baby, sleepy baby

author Atinuke

jE Atinuke
Picture Books

"It's bedtime for a drowsy little one, and the whole family takes turns to cuddle and sing this sleepy baby to bed. One by one the baby's sister, grandmother, father, and mother call on the winds, the clouds, the stars, and the moon to sail and rock and delight their little one until dreams take over"--

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Our household enjoyed this sweet lyrical bedtime read filled with a calming cadence and dreamy illustrations. Even if it didn't always soothe my toddler before bed, I enjoyed revisiting this story! -Shawna

There's a ghost in this house book cover

There's a ghost in this house

Oliver Jeffers

jE Jeffers
Picture Books

"A young girl lives in a haunted house, but she has never seen a ghost. Are they white with holes for eyes? Are they hard to see? Step inside and help the girl as she searches under the stairs, behind the sofa, and in the attic for the ghost." -- Amazon.

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This spooky, fun read will delight year-round. Translucent pages make for an unexpected surprise as you enjoy two perspectives of the same tale unfolding. -Shawna