Cathedrals built by the Masons book cover

Cathedrals built by the Masons

Russell Herner

726.6 /Herner
History, Travel

"Through well-researched text, as well as drawings and color photography, this book captures the magnificence of European cathedrals and the brilliance of the Master Builders and craftsmen who designed and built them. Cathedral building is a fusion of man's greatest accomplishments in the arts, sciences, and humanities over the centuries. More than 250 photos and drawings capture the quality and craftsmanship built into these stunning structures created to replicate God's house or heaven on Earth. Color photos illustrate the gorgeous naves, detailed fan vaulted ceilings, beautiful stained-glass windows, flying buttresses, and 650-year-old parchment drawings of the cathedrals. Discover the origin of Gothic architecture, see how Gothic cathedrals were built using primitive tools, and learn about the development of Freemasonry and its direct descent from the stonemasons of the Middle Ages. Enjoy 30 cathedral tours and acquire a few Masonic secrets of the stonemasons."--Publisher's description.

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Great photos throughout, but what sets this book apart is the information about the building process and photographs of tools used in the construction of a cathedral. -Heidi L

Walking England's cathedral cities : twenty-eight original walks and tours around the cathedrals and cathedral cities of England book cover

Walking England's cathedral cities : twenty-eight original walks and tours around the cathedrals and cathedral cities of England

Rowland Mead

914.204 /Mead/2000
History, Travel

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While this is an older guidebook, it gives a sense of the areas surrounding fourteen cathedrals with walking tours highlighting interesting stops in the neighborhood. The book also contains detailed information for touring the interiors of the cathedrals. -Heidi L

England's cathedrals book cover

England's cathedrals

Simon Jenkins

History, Travel

England's cathedrals are the nation's glory. They tower over its landscape, outranking palaces, castles and mansions. They attract roughly half the nation's population each year. For a millennium they have been objects of pilgrimage for those seeking faith, consolation and beauty. Still at the start of the twenty-first century, they remain unequalled in their size and splendour. More than any other English institution, cathedrals reflect the vicissitudes of history and should be treasured as such. They are custodians of culture and of the rituals of civic life. They offer welfare and relieve suffering. They uplift spirits with their beauty. In a real sense they are still what they were when first built a millennium ago, a glimpse of the sublime. Gloriously illustrated throughout, this book takes us on an enthralling tour of the nation and its history, through some of our most astonishing buildings.

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Vibrant color photographs of exteriors and select interior features of more than fifty cathedrals. The author's short but useful descriptions don't hold back on praise and censure when discussing restoration efforts or modifications to the structures. -Heidi L

The telling room : a tale of love, betrayal, revenge, and the world's greatest piece of cheese book cover

The telling room : a tale of love, betrayal, revenge, and the world's greatest piece of cheese

Michael Paterniti

641.373 /Paterniti
Nonfiction, Travel

In the picturesque village of Guzmán, Spain, in a cave on the edge of town, there is a cramped limestone chamber known as "the telling room." This is where villagers have gathered for centuries to share their stories and secrets--usually accompanied by copious amounts of wine. It was here, in the summer of 2000, that Michael Paterniti found himself listening to a Spanish cheesemaker as he spun an odd and compelling tale about a piece of cheese. Made from an old family recipe, Ambrosio's cheese was reputed to be among the finest in the world, and was said to hold mystical qualities. But then, Ambrosio said, things had gone horribly wrong. Paterniti was hooked. Soon he was fully embroiled, relocating his young family to Guzmán in order to chase the truth about this fairy tale-like place. What he ultimately discovers is nothing like the idyllic fable he first imagined. Instead, he's sucked into the heart of an unfolding mystery, a blood feud that includes accusations of betrayal and theft, death threats, and a murder plot.--From publisher description.

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