Episode 17: All things Hamilton!

On Air: The ICPL Podcast

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Do you love musicals? Do you hate musicals but like hip hop? Do you hate musicals and hip hop but love American history? Have you heard of Hamilton but have no idea what it is? Brian and Anne have the low down and they're going to help you out. They'll also share ideas of lots of other great books and materials to enjoy.

All things Hamilton with Anne, Brian, and Meredith

What we're reading/watching/listening to

  • 00:42 Brian: Thanks for the Trouble by Tommy Wallach
  • 03:28 Anne: Once in a Great City by David Maraniss
  • 05:04 Bond: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenedes
  • 07:07 Meredith: Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Hamilton the Musical

  • 12:00 Hamilton the Musical
  • 20:28 Aaron Burr, Sir
  • 23:54 You'll Be Back
  • 26:48 John Adams Miniseries
  • 29:12 War of Two by John Sedgwick
  • 31:05 Duel with the Devil by Paul Collins
  • 34:40 Brian's list of other musicals similar to Hamilton