Local History

Irving Weber Days: History Lecture with Bob Hibbs

Journalist and community planner Bob Hibbs gives a lecture on the history of Iowa City. Presented as part of "Irving Weber Days" 2002.

Local History

Remembering the Scottish Highlanders' 75-year History

What are the Scottish Highlanders? How and when were they founded? What was their purpose? What were their accomplishments? Join Heather Stockman, daughter of the original director of the...

Local History

History for Lunch: Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?

Recorded at the Iowa City Public Library in 2000, presented by Jan Garkey of Iowa State Extension. This presentation looks at the dynamics of non-titled property transfers, i.e. the divvying up of...

Local History

Irving Weber Days: Iowa Heritage Digital Collections

Mark Anderson and Nancy Kraft discuss the Iowa Heritage Digital Collections.

May 2006

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