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The most recent entries from the 'From the Shelves' section of the Library's blog.

Featured Lists

List Title# Titles
Your Next True Crime Obsession 300
Be Money Smart 352
Tomes on Tornadoes 36
From Seed to Plant 22
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month 48
Spruce Up for Spring 60
What Can You Grow? 116
Transitional Chapter Books 122
Little Sprouts 159

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Review Sources

Booklist Online
The counterpart to Booklist magazine featuring over 120,000 book reviews, as well as audiobook, video, and database reviews.

Published since 1988, BookPage is a 32-page, monthly book review distributed through over 4,000 public libraries and bookstores nationwide. Complimentary copies of this magazine are available at the Library each month.

New York Times Books
Book news and review content from The New York Times.

Novelist Plus
Find fiction and nonfiction by author, genre, or enter a novel you liked and get recommendations for similar books.

Publisher's Weekly
Book reviews, best-seller lists, publisher and author links.
Easy to use movie review site of over 220,000 titles.

Metacritic Movie/DVD
A cross-section of reviews from many critics presented with scored rankings.

Parents Television Council
Provides parents with information concerning recommended ages suitable for a particular film and specific information about content of sex, violence and profanity.

Rotten Tomatoes
Fresh or rotten, this site sums up what the critics are saying about most every movie and DVD.
Useful for finding background information on performers, including discographies, and for evaluations of popular recordings. Also has a wealth of information on classical compose and their works.

A British website that offers reviews and allows you to search for recommended recordings by composer.

Metacritic Music
A cross-section of reviews from many critics presented with scored rankings.

Access reviews, previews, videos and news.

Game Rankings
Provides aggregate scores and access to multiple reviews.

Reviews, news, guides and cheats.

Metacritic Games
A cross-section of reviews from many critics presented with scored rankings.

Reviews, features, blogs and podcasts.