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Arts & Crafts Bazaar

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, December 6.
Meeting Room A, Iowa City Public Library

Shop for unique, hand-crafted items donated by local artists and crafters at the Iowa City Public Library's 3rd annual Arts & Crafts Bazaar fund-raiser Saturday, Dec. 6 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Library's first-floor Meeting Room (A).

Items for sale include quilts, jewelry, holiday decor and wreaths, knitted and hand sewn items, ceramics and pottery, kids and baby items, accessories and purses, greeting cards and stationery, and so much more.

Proceeds from this fundraising bazaar will benefit the Iowa City Public Library Friends Foundation to support Library programs and collections.

Download a Donor Form

Call for Donations

Do you enjoy creating things? Would you donate hand-made items to support the Iowa City Public Library Friends Foundation? The Library will host the 3rd annual fundraising bazaar on Dec. 6. Donated items may be dropped off at the Library Help Desk when the Library is open, beginning Sept. 2 and continuing through Dec. 4.

Get Inspired

The Library has a large collection of arts and crafts related project books. These links will take you to a list of items available in the Library's online catalog.

Q&A for Arts & Crafters

What kinds of things should I donate?

The Library is looking for new, handmade arts and crafts that are easily moved and transported by volunteers working at the bazaar and people purchasing items. Items should appeal to a popular audience. Ideas include:

  • Items for children: soft or wooden toys, blankets, bibs, hats, puppets
  • Items for home: decorative vases, wall hangings, pillows, ornaments, napkins, small framed art, miniatures, potholders, plates/bowls
  • Personal accessories: scarves, jewelry, hats, shawls, bags

Are there things that should not be donated?

We are not including any food or living plants in the sale. We cannot handle very large or very fragile items. Items must be handmade. We reserve the right to reject any items we consider not suitable for the sale.

How do I donate?

Bring your items to the Iowa City Public Library Help Desk anytime between September 2nd and December 4th. Deliver your item(s) with an ICPL Arts and Crafts Bazaar Donation Form.

How many items should I donate?

You should donate whatever you are comfortable with. Many people will only donate one item, while others may donate a dozen or more. If you are donating multiples of one kind of item, fill out one Donation Form to submit with your item(s). If you are donating more than one type of item, fill out a separate Donation Form for each type of item you are donating.

Do I have to price my item(s)?

If you would like, you may suggest a price range on the donation form. A final price will be set by bazaar volunteers.

Can I leave my business card with my item?

Yes, you are welcome to leave your business card. Please attach it to your donated item.

What if my item does not sell?

As a charitable donation to the Iowa City Public Library, item(s) will not be returned in the event that they do not sell.

Where does the money go?

Bazaar income will benefit the Iowa City Public Library Friends Foundation to support Library programs and collections.

NOTE: It is our understanding that the value of handmade items is not deductible as a charitable expense under current tax rules.