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Irving B. Weber Days

May is National Historic Preservation Month. Celebrate locally with Irving B. Weber Days, a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Johnson County's vibrant history. Weber Days is also an opportunity for the Iowa City Public Library to work with great community partners like the Johnson County Historical Society, Iowa City Host Noon Lions Club, Friends of Historic Preservation, University of Iowa Libraries Special Collections & University Archives, Old Capitol Museum and the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History.

For more information about Irving Weber see Iowa City's Irving Weber: A Biography by Lolly Parker Eggers (Trafford Publishing, 2006)

Be sure to visit the Library Channel's Iowa City Local History section to stream some Irving Weber videos, and check out the Iowa City and Johnson County historical resources in the Iowa City Public Library.

Participate in Weber Days activities at the Johnson County Historical Society. For more information call 319.351.5738, or go to their website at

About Irving B. Weber

View the text of historical readings done during Iowa City's 175th anniversary in December of 2014.

Read Irving Weber's historical stories about Iowa City on the Iowa Digital Library

2016 Weber Day Events

For more information on any event, contact us at 319.356.5200