Iowa City Public Library materials are freely available to all, regardless of age. The Library's policy of open access is based on respect for each person's right to information and confidentiality. It is the responsibility of parents to monitor their own child's use of library materials, according to their knowledge of the child's maturity and taste.

Easy Picture books and nursery rhymes for young children. Collections include board books, big books.
Readers Easy-to-read stories for older preschool to primary grades. The easiest readers for those just learning to read have a small blue dot on the spine.
Holiday Books Children's books about Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.
Fiction Longer children's stories and novels.
Non-Fiction Information books, poetry and folklore for preschool through sixth grade.
Magazines Magazines for children, parents, and teachers.

Audiovisual/Non-Print Materials
DVDs Children's stories, feature films, and instructional programs on DVD.
Compact Discs Music, stories, and instructional recordings
READ-ALONG SETS Read-Along Sets are a combination of a compact disc and a book. Books on disc are just the sound recordings.
Storytime Kits Theme boxes with books and realia such as puppets. Some Sensory Storytime Kits are now available. These were designed to make storytimes accessible and enjoyable for children with special needs.
Toys Learning toys and games for home use.
Video Games Wii and WiiU games for children.

Children's Listening Center/Multimedia Stations

Children can listen to compact discs and watch DVDs on equipment in the Children's Room. They can also play previously installed games, use Microsoft Office and connect to the Internet on our multimedia stations. To use any of this equipment, ask at the Children's Room Desk.