Celebrating anniversaries with help from ICPL

I recently bought my husband a new grill to celebrate our anniversary. After 20 years, I think I have this marriage thing figured out, as the grill is a present for him, but also me! Isn’t sharing what marriage is all about?

We set a gift budget, made a pact not to go over that budget, then made another pact to ensure that the first pact wasn’t a lie, like when you tell someone not to get you something for your birthday but they do anyway. This time, we really meant STICK TO THE BUDGET!

In order to get the most bang for my buck, and find a grill that would do more than cook burgers, I turned to the Library’s Consumer Reports database. Did you know what you can log on to Consumer Reports FOR FREE any time you are in the Library to check out their reviews on everything from grills to carpet cleaning services? Consumer Reports does not accept advertising dollars and pays for all the products it test, so you know they're telling the truth when they recommend specific products.

I did my research, bought the grill and we have enjoyed several nights of great meals in the lovely spring air. My husband bought me a bike, in case you were curious. I used Consumer Reports for that, too, and showed him exactly what I wanted.

We’ll definitely make it to 21 years of marriage. :)

Learn more about the Library’s great collection of online databases here.

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