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2018 Iowa City Book Festival: Silvia Hidalgo "How to Be An American"

Recorded October 6, 2018


While author and illustrator Silvia Hidalgo (who was...

Books and Writing Iowa City Book Festival

Crystals: Nature's Most Beautiful Rocks

Recorded July 25, 2018

Crystals have been admired and used for thousands of years. As...

Local History

Story time with Ellen Buchanan

Recorded by November 29, 2018


Iowa city Public library


Obermann Conversations Program: The U.S. / Mexico Border in Context.

Recorded by December 6, 2018


Lina-Maria Murillo, Rene Rocha, Kristy Nabhan-...

Current Issues and Politics Obermman Conversations

2018 Obermann Conversation: Gerrymandering and Voter Rights

Recorded Oct. 25, 2018


A history of gerrymandering and other ways to effect the...

Current Issues and Politics Obermman Conversations