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The National Mississippi River Museum presents Ocean Odyssey

The NMRM’s traveling touch tank brings live ocean animals to you! Break down common...


Willard L "Sandy" Boyd reads from his new memoir "A Life on the Middle West's Never-Ending Frontier"

University of Iowa legend Willard L. "Sandy" Boyd will read from and discuss his new...

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Susan Craig Retirement Reception

Recorded December 2, 2018

A celebration of Susan Craig's retirement from Iowa City...

Local History

SRP Kids: Martika, One Woman Circus Act

Martika is an expert performer in the fire, sideshow, and circus arts. Impossible to pin down,...


Journey to the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy | Dr. Cornelia Lang Lecture at ICPL

The Center of our own Milky Way Galaxy is vastly different than the place where the Sun resides...

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