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Animal Tracking with Bur Oak Land Trust

Nature can often seem mysterious, but if you know what to look for, the landscape will tell you its story. Tracking and reading animal signs is an ancient, sacred, and captivating way to connect...

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Building and Monitoring Nest Boxes for Birds with Bur Oak Land Trust

Iowa is about to become a serious tourist trap...well at least for birds. The state sits in the middle of the Mississippi flyway, a route used by more than 100 million birds to migrate each season...

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Second Sunday Garden Forum | Brucemore Gardens Update | Project GREEN and Iowa City Public Library

The Derecho that hit the Midwest in August 2020 brought winds of over 110 mph to Cedar Rapids and much of Eastern Iowa. The historic Brucemore Estate fared as badly as the rest of the community....

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Out in the Field: Finding Wonder | An Obermann Center Conversation

Three researchers whose work takes them into the field reflect on the experience of being far removed from screens, phones, and what many of us associate with everyday work. George Peterson, the...

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How to Save Seeds From Your Own Garden with Seed Savers Exchange

There are many reasons people save seeds. With saved seeds you don't have to buy new seeds next year. Saving seeds can help you preserve a specific “family” flower or vegetable (Grandma’s 4 O...

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Try It Tuesday: Summertime Smoothie

Want to learn how to make a refreshing summertime drink? Watch Hy-Vee dietitian Natalee Gent demonstrate how to make smoothies and try out a recipe at home! She also shared these pdf handouts with...

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2nd Sunday Garden Forum: Native Plants & Pollinators

Johnson County Conservation Naturalist Kristen Morrow will be here to talk about native plants and pollinators in Iowa.

The Second Sunday Garden Forums are cosponsored by Project GREEN and...

Gardening, Nature, and Home Project GREEN

2nd Sunday Garden Forum: Landscape Tree Health - Challenges, Management and Planting Diversity

Recorded by March 10, 2019

Mark Vitosh, Iowa DNR/Wildlife Bureau district forester, will address tree health in Iowa and provide updates about the spread and treatment for emerald ash borer...

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2nd Sunday Garden Forum: Saving Seeds - from Backyard Gardens to the Svalbard Seed Vault

Recorded by January 13, 2019

Phil Kauth, Seed Bank Manager at Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, will take us from our own backyards to an underground seed bank drilled into a mountain 800...

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Second Sunday Garden Forum - Storm Water Management with Sandy Steil

Recorded by February 10, 2019

Due to today's storm in Ames Iowa, Adam Janke could not make it to Iowa City today. Sandy Steil, Project Manager/Business Development -MMS Consultants...

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