Gardening, Nature, and Home

Stargazing Basics and a Tour of the Summer and Fall Sky

Brent Studer from Kirkwood Community College presents a basic introduction to stargazing.

Gardening, Nature, and Home

Second Sunday Garden Forum: Double Feature with Deb Walser

Deb Walser presents "Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Oh My!" and "Introduction to the Newest and Coolest Annuals and Perennials." An active Linn County Master Gardener, and recently...

Gardening, Nature, and Home

Project Green: Where Our Food Comes From

David Cavagnaro, former Preservation Gardens Manager at Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, IA, takes us "around the world in 80 minutes" to look at the origins of all of our major food crops.


Gardening, Nature, and Home

Project Green: Water in the Garden "First Pond - Decisions and Mistakes"

Dick is a long time gardener and past Garden Tour garden owner. He will discuss and show his lovely new pond which will be on the 2006 Project GREEN Garden Tour and share his progress and his...

Gardening, Nature, and Home

Project Green: Using Roses in the Landscape

Presented by Brian Davidson, Certified Iowa Nursery Professional and Todd Wiebenga, Landscape Architect.

Summary: Information about roses- the varieties that are handy in our...

Gardening, Nature, and Home

Project Green: The Uses and Care of Clematis

Dr. Paul Belding, local gardener and Clematis aficionado, presents a program about Clematis, its many varieties and their use in the garden.

Gardening, Nature, and Home

Project Green: The Kitchen Garden

Presented by Linda Naeve, Extension Coordinator, Reiman Gardens, Iowa State University.

: A slide presentation and lecture on creating kitchen gardens.

Gardening, Nature, and Home

Project Green: The Gardens of Brucemore

David Morton, the Head Gardener at Brucemore presents a tour of Iowa's only National Trust Historic Site. Brucemore, a 26-acre, park like estate encompasses a Queen Anne-style mansion and multiple...

Gardening, Nature, and Home, Local History

Project Green: The Garden In Four Seasons

Kelly Norris is a horticulturist, plant breader, award winning author and nationally acclaimed speaker. Let Kelly take you through the four seasons in the garden, approaching design and plant...

Gardening, Nature, and Home

Project Green: The Art of Bonsai

John Clemens, member of Eastern Iowa Bonsai Association, presents on the shape, harmony and proportion of bonsai to express art in the form of these beautiful long-lived trees. Bonsai (pronounced...

Gardening, Nature, and Home