The Story of Iowa's Factory Farms: A Critical History & Solutions | Iowa City Public Library

The Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture presents: The story of Iowa's factory farms - a critical history & solutions, a collection of presentations. Presenters for this event, in person and via Zoom include: John Aspray (also the host for this event), Shelley Buffalo, John Ikerd, Diane Delozier Lahr, Tyler Lobdell, Silvia Secchi, and Diane Rosenberg. Topics covered include: Indigenous perspective on colonial-capitalist farming practices; The history of factory farms in Iowa; The farm crisis of the 1980s and rise of vertical integration; Restrictions on local control, Ag-Gag, and other hostile judicial proceedings; Voluntary nutrient reduction systems & biogas partnerships (greenwashing); and Fighting for a moratorium on factory farms. This event is sponsored by 100 Grannies For a Livable Future, The Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture, and The Iowa City Public Library.

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