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Ultimate invasion book cover
Ultimate invasion book cover

Ultimate invasion

Jonathan Hickman

COMIC Ultimate 2023
Graphic Novels

The Illuminati must gather once again to stop the Maker! One of the last survivors of the original Ultimate Universe, the Maker plans to ensure that Earth's Mightiest Heroes never become heroes at all - and then he can reshape a defenseless universe into exactly what he wants it to be!...

Before reading this, I'd been on a break from reading comic books for roughly a year and a half. It was for no real reason other than there not being anything that caught my interest. Ultimate Invasion definitely caught my interest. Short version--an alternative version of Reed Richards--Mister Fantastic--calling himself "The Maker" escapes from the regular Marvel Universe into a different one and stops a wide variety of superheroes from gaining their powers. He then controls that world--with the help of other super powered folk--until the past and future catch up with him. This volume is wild--incredible world building and art--and it got me very excited for this new Ultimate Universe. -Brian

Planet Earth III book cover
Planet Earth III book cover

Planet Earth III

DVD 508 Planet

Completing the Planet Earth trilogy, Planet Earth III explores the greatest habitats on our planet and the extraordinary animals that live in them. Filled with wonder and insight, Planet Earth III celebrates places and animals beyond our imagination. From the depths of the ocean to the most remote...

Animals are so cool! And some of these shots are truly mind-blowing. If you loved the previous Planet Earth installments, this one won't disappoint. -Annie

Madness : race and insanity in a Jim Crow asylum book cover
Madness : race and insanity in a Jim Crow asylum book cover

Madness : race and insanity in a Jim Crow asylum

Antonia Hylton

362.21 /Hylton

"On a cold day in March of 1911, officials marched twelve Black men into the heart of a forest in Maryland. Under the supervision of a doctor, the men were forced to clear the land, pour cement, lay bricks, and harvest tobacco. When construction finished, they became the first twelve patients...

This book was thoroughly researched and the personal stories added detailed layers to a legacy of the inequitable history of mental health care in the US. The author highlights generational trauma in a very real way that tells the story of the stigma attached to mental illness today that directly correlates back to institutions like Crownsville. It is precisely in this type of reckoning, however, that healing can happen. Fans of Michelle Alexander will find this mandatory reading. -Victoria

Flooded book cover
Flooded book cover


Mariajo Ilustrajo

jE Ilustraj

"Flooded is the funny and beautifully illustrated tale of animals who live in a city that is ever so slowly flooding. The flood comes gradually at first. A business lion reads about it in the paper over his breakfast and absent-mindedly says 'hmm!', but does nothing about it. All the...

This book was put on my lap from one of our superstar Children's Librarians and it's lovely. Children will adore scouring the pages for a wonderfully illustrated variety of animals in often funny predicaments, and adults will be reminded of the very real problems going on around us, despite how distracted we might be with our own. Overall, it's a shining testament that celebrates the fact that we can solve most of our problems successfully when we work together. -Victoria

The last zookeeper book cover
The last zookeeper book cover

The last zookeeper

Aaron Becker

jE Becker
Picture Books, Animals, Nature, Science Fiction

A master of the wordless form imagines a futuristic Noah's Ark in a luminous sci-fi parable for our changing world.

Masterful! Aaron Becker's latest title is wordless picture-book perfection. -Casey

Three kinds of lucky book cover
Three kinds of lucky book cover

Three kinds of lucky

Kim Harrison


"Petra Grady has known since adolescence that she has no talent for magic-and that's never going to change. But as a sweeper first-class, she's parlayed her rare ability to handle dross--the damaging, magical waste generated by her more talented kin's spellwork--into a decent...

The author's writing style was so good. It made this an easy read. I really enjoyed the idea that there's a waste byproduct from magic that has to be handled by specialists. -Mykle


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