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Bluey 5-minute stories. book cover

Bluey 5-minute stories.

jE Bluey
Picture Books

"Go swimming with BLUEY, spend the day with Bingo, play charades with Muffin, and more! This collection includes 6...stories with BLUEY and her family that are prefect for reading in a jiffy."--

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Even more Bluey! Ous! -Casey

The queen in the cave book cover

The queen in the cave

Júlia Sardà

jE Sarda
Picture Books, Fantasy, Adventure

Once upon a time there were three sisters: Franca, Carmela, and Tomasina. This is their story of adventure and discovery. A tale of hidden mysteries and new wonders, of finding a strange world beyond home and unlocking the secrets inside themselves.

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I cannot wait to share this ethereal long-form picture book at home. Look for this title on an upcoming list of great gift books! -Casey

Let's do everything and nothing book cover

Let's do everything and nothing

Kuo, Julia, author, illustrator.

jE Kuo
Picture Books

Illustrations and text celebrate the special moments--both big and small--that a caregiver and child share.

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Wombat said come in book cover

Wombat said come in

Deedy, Carmen Agra, author.

jE Deedy
Picture Books

"Safe in his burrow deep below the ground as Australian bushfires rage above, Wombat opens his home to five animals friends seeking shelter, in this heartwarming story about help in the time of trouble."--

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I love you because I love you book cover

I love you because I love you

Van, Muon, author.

jE Van
Picture Books

"Author Mựơn Thị Văn and Stonewall Book Award-winning artist Jessica Love detail all the big and small reasons why we love the people we do within a call-and-response picture book that features families across the spectrum"--

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Big and small and in-between book cover

Big and small and in-between

Higgins, Carter, author.

jE Higgins
Picture Books

A tribute to all the special things in the world, whether big, small or somewhere in-between, from the hole in the donut to the way the Moon looks through a telescope, and a boat below the sky and above the waves.

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This concept book is unique and surprising. -Casey

A brave cat book cover

A brave cat

Marianna Coppo

jE Coppo
Picture Books

"Olivia, an indoor cat, is a fearless explorer until she accidentally finds herself outside, which tests her adventurous sense of self and results in a brave new outlook."

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I love picture books about cats and dogs, they always have such a relatable point of view, depending on whether you're a cat person or a dog person. I'm a dog person, but I still appreciate Olivia the cat's perspective and appreciation of her home. It has short simple sentences and beautiful and colorful illustrations that I was really taken with. And I learned that the author has another book with a heart-melting look into the lives of pets starring a dog protagonist called " Such a Good Boy," that will be a great find for me next! -Mari

If you go down to the woods today book cover

If you go down to the woods today

Piercey, Rachel, author.

jE Piercey
Picture Books

A first collection by an acclaimed poet invites readers to join Bear on his journey to meet friends and explore his woodland home during a magical year of seasons as depicted on high-detail hidden-object spreads.

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This title is part poetry, part seek and find, and all delightful! -Casey

I'm a unicorn book cover

I'm a unicorn

Helen Yoon

jE Yoon
Picture Books, Humor, Fantasy, Kids

"See?" cries the calf. "Uni means one, and corn means horn!" Even their baby picture proves it: they were born with one horn! But as the eager little calf continues their research, a budding identity crisis arises...

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Potty humor AND unicorns?! Get ready to repeat this read. -Casey

Octopus Shocktopus! book cover

Octopus Shocktopus!

Peter Bently

jE Bently
Picture Books

An octopus falls from the sky one day. It lands on a roof and there it stays. The village's children quickly make friends with it, even though the adults are wary. But the octopus proves very handy indeed, making a perfect slide, helping out with some painting, and even rescuing a cat stuck in a tree. But just when all the neighbors decide they want an octopus of their very own, it disappears. Where has it gone and will it come back?

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An imaginative and colorful story set in a idyllic little neighborhood by the sea. I loved the bright color of the Octopus and the rhyming is well-done and easy to read aloud. It gives cozy vibes as Octopus celebrates holidays and enjoys the seasons changing on top of the house The small community mutually benefit from the Octopus, who helps beautify the neighborhood by painting fences and raking leaves, and it in turn loves to play with the children. This book will spark imagination for young readers and wish they also had a giant octopus on the roof of their house! -Mari