Trees : a rooted history book cover

Trees : a rooted history

Piotr Socha

j582.16 Socha
Nature, History, Nonfiction

"Part botany, part history, part cultural anthropology--Trees goes beyond the basics to tell readers everything they might want to know about this particular branch of the plant kingdom. Trees explores the important roles trees play in our ecosystem, takes an up-close-and-personal look at the parts of trees (from roots to stumps to leaves), and unpacks the cultural impact of trees from classification systems (like family trees or data trees) to long-standing myths (like the Tree of Life)."--

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This book was an expired hold on the bookmobile, so I ended up "leafing" through it during a slower stop, their loss my gain! I was obsessed with the illustrations! The oversized pages offer several wonderful field guides for different types of trees, roots, seeds, endemic species, and more. I enjoyed the concise and gorgeous exploration of the use of trees as building materials throughout history. The book dives deep in the cultural significance to native trees around the world and examines religion and folklore surrounding trees. I loved the book so much I decided to buy a used copy online to enjoy again later. -Mari

Lapidarium : the secret lives of stones book cover

Lapidarium : the secret lives of stones

Hettie Judah

553.8 /Judah
Nonfiction, Nature

"Inspired by the lapidaries of the ancient world, this book is a collection of true stories about sixty different stones that have influenced our shared history. Through the realms of art, myth, geology, philosophy, and power, the author tells the story of humanity through the minerals and materials that have allowed humans to evolve and create. Lapidarium uses the stories of these sixty stones to explore how human culture has formed stone, and the roles stone has played in forming human culture"--

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This book gets my vote for prettiest cover on the new nonfiction shelves right now. It's history, mythology, and earth science packaged into smart essays that revel in humanity. -Melody

In the night garden book cover

In the night garden

Carin Berger

jE Berger
Picture Books, Nature, Animals, Kids

"A collage-illustrated bedtime read about the often mysterious and always beautiful experiences to be found in nighttime spaces"--

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Yet another gorgeous picture book title from Carin Berger! Pair with Ashley Wolff's "Only The Cat Saw" for a fabulous nighttime cat-themed storytime. -Casey

The hidden world of gnomes book cover

The hidden world of gnomes

Lauren Soloy

jE Soloy
Picture Books, Nature, Fantasy

"A delightful collection of gnome facts, featuring Lauren Soloy's gnome wisdom and gorgeous artwork."--

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The Hidden World of Gnomes is stunning! A long-form picture book without chapters, this is an excellent choice for newly independent or graphic novel exclusive readers and confident lap-sitters. Pair with Phoebe Wahl's Little Witch Hazel for a magical long-form storytime. -Casey

Over and under the waves book cover

Over and under the waves

Kate Messner

jE Messner
Picture Books, Nonfiction, Nature

"A girl and her parents paddle into the bay. Over the water pelicans fly; under the water all kinds of sealife go through their daily life. Discover the magical depths of the kelp forest and all the fascinating creatures living just over and under the waves."--

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This series is a storytime favorite! I'm excited to add this to our program collection and take it to preschool classes soon. If you like the other titles in Kate Messner and Christopher Silas Neal's Over and Under series, check this one out! -Casey

Traditional Wicca : a seeker's guide book cover

Traditional Wicca : a seeker's guide

Thorn Mooney

133.43 /Mooney
Religion, Nature

"A description of the structure, hierarchy, and training of a Traditional Wiccan coven, focusing on guidance for those seeking to join one"--

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A great introduction into the magic and practices by someone who is very experienced. -Mykle

Zap! clap! boom! : the story of a thunderstorm book cover

Zap! clap! boom! : the story of a thunderstorm

Laura Purdie Salas

jE Salas
Picture Books, Nonfiction, Nature

What starts as a blue-sky day begins to turn into rolling thunder as a storm brews.

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I've been sharing "Zap! Clap! Boom!" with outreach sites this month, and it is a HIT! This nonfiction picture book is gorgeously illustrated, features a fabulous rhyme scheme, and includes a fun repeating phrase for storytime enjoyment. Calling all aspiring meteorologists and their caregivers, this one's for you! -Casey

We are branches book cover

We are branches

Joyce Sidman

jE Sidman
Picture Books, Nonfiction, Nature

Branches are all around us: in butterfly wings, on gecko toes, in flowers, frost, and mud. Whether as electricity moving across the sky or rivers flowing to the sea, branches are nature's most efficient way to spread and to connect. They are even found inside our own bodies, helping us reach and grow with each breath and heartbeat. Branches--strong, hopeful, beautiful--are the shape of life. How many can you find?

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Yet another soft picture book nonfiction title that is perfect for storytime sharing, don't miss this one! -Casey

Mother of sharks book cover

Mother of sharks

Melissa Cristina Márquez

Animals, Nature

At la Playita del Condado in Puerto Rico, Meli meets a crab, Jaiba, who takes her on a dreamlike underwater adventure, teaches her about the importance of shark conservation, and reveals Meli's ultimate destiny--to become the Mother of Sharks.

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I cannot wait to see this book! Just look at that gorgeous cover... -Casey

The moon tonight : our moon's journey around earth book cover

The moon tonight : our moon's journey around earth

Chang-hoon Jung

j523.3 Jung
Picture Books, Nonfiction, Science, Nature

"Astronomer Jung Chang-hoon provides easy-to-follow scientific explanations of first- and last-quarter Moons, ebb and flow tides, where the new Moon goes, and more."--

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Another new picture book nonfiction title! "The Moon Tonight" is gorgeously illustrated, and the breadth of information is perfect for sharing with younger elementary students. I'm excited to try the included science experiment at home as well! Don't miss this title if you like creative nonfiction or have a little one interested in celestial bodies. -Casey