Beneath book cover


Cori Doerrfeld

jE Doerrfel
Picture Books, Kids, Nature

Finn is in a bad mood, so his grandfather takes him on a walk in the forest, and tells him about all the things that are beneath the surface of plants and animals--and even people.

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Beneath this cover is a touching story about recognizing what we cannot see in our world and in one another. Cori Doerrfeld's illustrations and prose make for an emotional yet healing read. Readers will be rewarded by spending some time with the endsheets and exploring what lies beneath the dust jacket as well. -Casey

The flamingo book cover

The flamingo

1983- author Guojing

Graphic Novels, Animals, Nature

From a highly acclaimed illustrator comes a stunning graphic novel filled with adventure and wonder about an imaginative girl and her obsession with flamingoes. A little girl arrives, excited for a beachy vacation with her Lao Lao. The girl and her grandmother search for shells, chase crabs, and play in the sea, but when the girl finds an exquisite flamingo feather in her grandmother's living room, her vacation turns into something fantastical.

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This mostly wordless graphic novel is a stunner! Guojing's use of texture, color, pacing, and framing are all lovely in this touching intergenerational story. Guojing's art and storytelling just keep getting better! -Casey

Front country book cover

Front country

Sara St. Antoine

jFICTION Stantoin Sara
Kids, Travel, Nature

Eighth grader Ginny Shepard attempts to ground herself after realizing that the world is apathetic to the very real, very urgent realities of climate change, and reckoning with her own feelings of guilt and impotence.

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This is a slow-burn but powerful coming-of-age novel about a girl who goes to the wilderness to find herself. Ginny is doing all the "right things" - getting straight A's, playing competitive tennis, pleasing her parents, etc. But when she finds out how urgent climate change is and what might be lost if the adults in charge don't act immediately, she can't understand why no one else seems to feel as upset as she does about it. She ends up attending a wilderness camp that is sort of a therapeutic program for "troubled" youth, where she is the only girl among some strange boys and exhaustingly upbeat yet nitpicky counselors. But as she gets to know what motivates her fellow campers and experiences the Montana mountain setting, she begins to find her way and figures some stuff out. This is a sophisticated, nuanced, slow-paced book best for upper-elementary-readers. It has a great message without being preachy or on-the-nose. The dialogue and Ginny's struggles are rendered realistically and empathetically. -Anne W

A leopard diary : my journey into the hidden world of a mother and her cubs book cover

A leopard diary : my journey into the hidden world of a mother and her cubs

Suzi Eszterhas

Nature, Travel, Animals

"Leopards are known for being shy and elusive, and leopard mothers are even more so. Imagine, then, having the rare opportunity to follow and photograph a mother leopard and her cubs. When world-renowned nature photographer Suzi Eszterhas was given the chance to do so, she jumped on a plane to Botswana. And through this collection of informative diary entries and stunning photos, readers are able to share this rare privilege. This compelling chronical of Suzi’s time following a female leopard spans roughly a year and a half, but between the informative first-person observations and the photos of rarely seen moments in the wild, the time flies by. The story begins with Suzi arriving at the Jao Reserve in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and meeting Kambango, the local tracker and guide who would become her close friend and whose knowledge and expertise she relies on throughout. They go immediately to the mother leopard’s den where, after waiting patiently for a number of hours, Suzi catches her first glimpse of the newborn cubs and her joy is palpable. From here on, readers are along for wild ride that is sometimes bumpy (such as a dramatic close encounter with the mother who feared for her cubs’ safety), sometimes smooth (the entries and photo captions are rich with observations of the cubs’ behavior as they grow up, as well as more general information about leopard behaviour) and sometimes even a bit uncomfortable (such as the grim reality of having to watch the cubs learn to hunt by practicing on a wounded kudu calf). Throughout the whole diary, though, the excitement in Suzi’s voice is clear, and her entries are full of her sense of wonder and respect for these amazing and secretive animals. Endmatter includes a Q&A with Kambango, who played such an essential role in this adventure, as well as a glossary of terms."--

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Breathtaking wildlife photography accompanies a day-by-day journal of the growth of two leopard cubs under their mother's care. Rich with detail and packed with action shots of the leopard family, Suzi Eszterhas immerses the reader into the world of these animals and gives us a highly privileged peek into the activities of these elusive animals. If you can't get your hands on this new book right away, try one of Suzi Eszterhas's many other wild animal books, including My Wild Life: Adventures of a Wildlife Photographer. -Anne W

Babies love nature book cover

Babies love nature

König, Susanne, artist.


Featuring twenty different nature themes drawn in bold black-and-white art, including a beehive, a bird's nest, different groups of plants, a night scene, and ocean waves, all within heart-shaped outlines, this wordless accordion-shaped board book is created specifically for tummy time for babies.

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This high-contrast board book would make a great gift. The accordion format is perfect for babies during tummy time as well. -Casey

The wolves and moose of Isle Royale: restoring an island ecosystem book cover

The wolves and moose of Isle Royale: restoring an island ecosystem

Castaldo, Nancy F. (Nancy Fusco), 1962- author.

j599.77 Castaldo
Nonfiction, Animals, Nature

"On Isle Royale, a remote island national park surrounded by frigid Lake Superior, a thrilling drama is unfolding between wolves and moose, the island's ultimate predator and prey. For over sixty years, in what has been known as the longest study of a predator-prey relationship in the world, scientists have observed the importance of wolves to Isle Royale's unique ecology. But due to illness and underlying factors, the population of wolves on the island has dropped while the number of moose has increased, putting the Isle Royale ecosystem in jeopardy."--

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This is a fascinating read for young environmentalists! -Casey

Into the forest : wander through our woodland world book cover

Into the forest : wander through our woodland world

Dorion, Christiane, author.

j577.3 Dorion
Nonfiction, Nature

"Into the Forest is a celebration of trees and wildlife all around the world. Children will find out how trees change color through seasons, how to plant their own trees, and the importance of protecting our forests through sustainability"--

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Animal watching book cover

Animal watching

Carson, Mary Kay, author.

j590 Carson
Nonfiction, Animals, Nature

"Rewild your life! Outdoor school includes immersive activities to get you exploring for animals by recognizing bird silhouettes, spotting nests, identifying mammals and more."

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This entire series, or any of its titles, would make a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts! -Casey

The occult, witchcraft & magic : an illustrated history book cover

The occult, witchcraft & magic : an illustrated history

Christopher Dell

133.4 /Dell
Nonfiction, History, Art / Art History, Nature

From the earliest Paleolithic cave rituals, magic has gripped the imagination. Magic and magicians appear in early Babylonian texts, the Bible, Judaism and Islam. Secret words, spells and incantations lie at the heart of every mythological tradition. Today, magic means many things: contemporary Wicca is practised widely as a modern pagan religion in Europe and the US; 'magic' also evokes the cathartic rituals of Chaos magic, but stretches to include the non-spiritual, rapid-fire sleight of hand performed by slick stage magicians who fill vast arenas. The book is packed with authoritative text and a huge and inspired selection of images, chosen from unusual and hidden sources. The material is presented in 100 entries, and includes some of the best-known representations of magic and the occult from around the world.

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This book was so popular when it came out that we had to stock multiple copies. This is a book for you if you love history, art, and illustrations. It doesn't have to be Halloween for me to love leafing through this book! -Melody

Brown is warm, black is bright book cover

Brown is warm, black is bright

Sarah L. Thomson

jE Thomson
Picture Books, Nature, Read Woke

Illustrations and text celebrate the colors brown and black, demonstrating the many positive assocations with these two colors.

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This lovely picture book is everything you want in a fall read-aloud, beautiful, touching, and repeatable. I cannot wait to share it at preschools and in-house storytimes! -Casey