Irving Berlin : the immigrant boy who made America sing book cover

Irving Berlin : the immigrant boy who made America sing

Nancy Churnin

jBIOGRAPHY Berlin, Irving
Kids, Nonfiction, Biographies, Picture Books

Describes the life of the famous composer, who immigrated to the United States at age five and became inspired by the rhythms of jazz and blues in his new home.

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A wonderful look at the eventful life of one of the most successful American composers, whose songs are still familiar today. This Jewish immigrant from Russia grew up in the slums of New York, but eventually wrote songs heard and sung all around the world. An important reminder that many of America's best and brightest were once immigrants fleeing the violence of their home countries. -Morgan

Like Vanessa book cover

Like Vanessa

Tami Charles

jFICTION Charles Tami
Kids, Young Adult, Fiction, Historical Fiction

It is 1983 and Vanessa Martin, a thirteen-year-old African American girl in Newark's public housing, dreams of following in the footsteps of the first black Miss America, Vanessa Williams; but with a dysfunctional family (mother in jail, father withdrawn, drunken grandfather, gay cousin) the odds are against her--until a new teacher at school organizes a beauty pageant and encourages Vanessa to enter.

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Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh book cover

Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh

Robert C O'Brien

jFICTION O'Brien, Robert C.

Having no one to help her with her problems, a widowed mouse visits the rats whose former imprisonment in a laboratory made them wise and long lived.

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Classic chapter book that I read to both my boys. so good. -Brent

Dory Fantasmagory book cover

Dory Fantasmagory

Abby Hanlon

jFICTION Hanlon Abby

Dory, the youngest in her family, is a girl with a very active imagination, and she spends the summer playing with her imaginary friend, pretending to be a dog, battling monsters, and generally driving her family nuts.

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I liked Dory almost as much as Ivy and Bean. -Brent

Ivy + Bean bound to be bad book cover

Ivy + Bean bound to be bad

Annie Barrows

jFICTION Barrows, Annie

Best friends Ivy and Bean learn that being very good, or very bad, can be a real challenge when they set out to become like a man Ivy heard about who was so pure of heart that birds and animals followed him.

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This series is my absolute favorite for reading to my kids. We went through the whole series twice. at least. -Brent

Murder is bad manners : a Wells & Wong mystery book cover

Murder is bad manners : a Wells & Wong mystery

Robin Stevens

jFICTION Stevens Robin
Kids, Mystery

At an English boarding school in the 1930s, crime-solving friends Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells struggle to find an exciting mystery to investigate until Hazel discovers the dead body of Miss Bell, the science teacher.

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With fun nods towards those titans of mystery, Christie and Doyle, this English boarding school mystery series gets off to an exciting start. Hazel Wong is the thoughtful and cautious Watson providing narration and case notes, with plenty of keen observations. Her best friend and Sherlock wannabe, Daisy Wells, is overly confident in her own cleverness and tends to act first and think later. With murders to solve and friendships to mend, this story is a winning blend of mystery and school story. -Morgan

Beyond the bright sea book cover

Beyond the bright sea

Lauren Wolk

jFICTION Wolk Lauren
Historical Fiction, Kids

Set adrift on the ocean in a small skiff as a newborn, twelve-year-old Crow embarks on a quest to find the missing pieces of her history.

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This is the perfect book for an end of summer read. -Anne M

Scarlett Hart : monster hunter book cover

Scarlett Hart : monster hunter

Marcus Sedgwick

Kids, Graphic Novels

"Scarlett Hart, orphaned daughter of two legendary monster hunters, is determined to carry on in her parents' footsteps--even if the Royal Academy for the Pursuit and Eradication of Zoological Eccentricities says she's too young. Whether it's creepy mummies or a horrid hound, Scarlett won't back down, and with the help of her loyal butler and a lot of monster-mashing gadgets, she's on the case. But with her parents' archrival, Count Stankovic, taking all the monster-catching rewards for himself, it's getting hard for Scarlett to do what she was born to do. And when more monsters start mysteriously manifesting than ever before, Scarlett knows she has to get to the bottom of it and save the city...whatever the danger!"--Page [4] of cover.

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Full of adventure and creepy creatures! A great tween read for fans of Sherlock and Scooby Doo. Scarlett Hart is a brave, adventure seeking, and driven tween girl. Together with her butler Napoleon, they hunt down the monsters that threaten a British-like country reminiscent of the early 20th century. Together they must out-smart and out-hunt her nemesis. -Angela

Anne of Green Gables : a graphic novel book cover

Anne of Green Gables : a graphic novel

Mariah Marsden

Kids, Graphic Novels, Classics

When Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert decide to adopt an orphan who can help manage their family farm, they have no idea what delightful trouble awaits them. With flame-red hair and an unstoppable imagination, 11-year-old Anne Shirley takes Green Gables by storm.

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This is a fantastic modern update to the classic orphan story. The expressions and colors truly bring the story new life. -Morgan

The wild robot escapes book cover

The wild robot escapes

Peter Brown

jFICTION Brown Peter
Kids, Science Fiction

After being captured by the Recons and returned to civilization for reprogramming, Roz is sent to Hilltop Farm where she befriends her owner's family and animals, but pines for her son, Brightbill.

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A wonderful story to read together, with a slow emotional journey. This near-future science-fiction story poses an interesting philosophical choice between doing what you are supposed to do vs. doing what you want to do. While it could be read alone, the story has higher emotional stakes if you have already read the first book "The Wild Robot." -Morgan