Love, Penelope book cover

Love, Penelope

Joanne Rocklin

jFICTION Rocklin Joanne
Kids, Fiction

Fifth-grader Penny writes a series of letters to her future sibling, including facts about their Oakland, California, home, questions about whether their moms will ever marry, and especially that he or she is loved.

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An inconvenient alphabet : Ben Franklin and Noah Webster's spelling revolution book cover

An inconvenient alphabet : Ben Franklin and Noah Webster's spelling revolution

Beth Anderson

j428.1 Anderson
Kids, Picture Books, Nonfiction, History

Details the origins of Noah Webster's first American English dictionary and the struggles of Webster and Ben Franklin to help unify the new country through language in the 1780s.

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The differences between American English and British English have always fascinated me. Why did all the "u"s disappear from words like favo(u)rite and colo(u)r; why is it theater and not theatre; who decided music(k) didn't need a "k"? The answers can be found in this fun romp through the linguistic pursuits of Ben Franklin and Noah Webster. -Morgan

Charlotte's bones : the Beluga whale in a farmer's field book cover

Charlotte's bones : the Beluga whale in a farmer's field

Erin Rounds

jE Rounds
Kids, Picture Books, Nature, Science

Many thousand of years ago, when a sheet of ice up to a mile thick began to let go of the land, the Atlantic Ocean flooded great valleys that had been scooped out by glaciers, and the salty waves of an inland sea lapped the green hills of Vermont. Into this arm of the sea swam Charlotte.

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The sweet illustrations complement this narrative science story about ancient seas, a lost whale, and how she was found again thousand of years later. A great way to share geology and glaciation concepts with the youngest budding scientists. -Morgan

You are new book cover

You are new

Lucy Knisley

jE Knisley
Kids, Picture Books

When you are a brand new baby there are many things you can do in the world--and when you get bigger there are even more new experiences.

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With friends and family welcoming new babies this year, I imagine I’ll often be gifting this newest picture book from one of my favorite cartoonists, Lucy Knisley. -Morgan

Felipe and Claudette book cover

Felipe and Claudette

Mark Teague

Kids, Picture Books, Animals

Long time residents of Mrs. Barrett's adoption shelter, Felipe (a grumpy cat) and Claudette (a hyperactive dog) seem like they will never find a forever home, and Felipe is convinced that it is all Claudette's fault--but when the dog is finally adopted, Felipe is so depressed that he hides on adoption day, and it turns out that Claudette also misses her friend.

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Certain to make you thankful for you own adopted cats and dogs. -Morgan

Lupin leaps in book cover

Lupin leaps in

Georgia Dunn

Kids, Graphic Novels, Humor

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As a fan of cats and news, I’m highly anticipating this new middle grade collection of comics from Georgia Dunn. -Morgan

Who are you calling weird? book cover

Who are you calling weird?

Marilyn Singer

Kids, Nonfiction, Animals

Delve into the forests, burrow under the ground, and dive into the deep to discover nature's most peculiar creatures and learn about their behavior, diet, and habitat, as well as folk beliefs about each animal. Hidden away in Earth's forests, caves, and oceans, these creatures might look or behave in peculiar ways but, as you will soon find out, every oddity serves a purpose: the long, skeletal finger of an aye-aye, used by this lemur to tap on trees to locate hollow tunnels where delicious insects hide, the barrel-shaped eyes of a Pacific barreleye fish that turn upward to watch for prey above through its transparent head, the big, bulbous nose of a proboscis monkey designed to attract mates, the armor-like scales of a pangolin that are so tough that even lions and tigers can't bite through them. Come face-to-face with the most curious creatures from across the globe, and decide for yourself who's the weirdest of them all.--Amazon

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Trees : a rooted history book cover

Trees : a rooted history

Piotr Socha

Kids, Nonfiction, Nature

"Part botany, part history, part cultural anthropology--Trees goes beyond the basics to tell readers everything they might want to know about this particular branch of the plant kingdom. Trees explores the important roles trees play in our ecosystem, takes an up-close-and-personal look at the parts of trees (from roots to stumps to leaves), and unpacks the cultural impact of trees from classification systems (like family trees or data trees) to long-standing myths (like the Tree of Life). Looking forward, Trees also addresses the deforestation crisis. Heavily illustrated in the same style as Bees: A Honeyed History, Trees: A Rooted History serves as a beautifully packaged celebration of trees of all kinds"--

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Meet Me on the Court book cover

Meet Me on the Court

David Aro

jFICTION/Aro David
Kids, Fiction, Sports

Cam, Tyler, and Markus are upset that their school cut the basketball team because of lack of funding. They decide to make their own! They don't have jerseys, a coach, or even a regular court to practice on. There's one more problem--they need at least two more people on the team to play. Can the team find two more players? Can they win their first game against the snooty prep school kids that keep stealing their court?

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A scrappy basketball tale reminiscent of “The Sandlot.” -Morgan