The ex-girlfriend of my ex-girlfriend is my girlfriend Advice on queer dating, love, and friendship book cover

The ex-girlfriend of my ex-girlfriend is my girlfriend Advice on queer dating, love, and friendship

Maddy Court

306.76/Court (NEW)
Nonfiction, LGBTQ+, Young Adult

Cover Image The ex-girlfriend of my ex-girlfriend is my girlfriend Advice on queer dating, love, and friendship Maddy Court Book - 2021 "Writer Maddy Court answers letters from queer women and people of marginalized genders about dating, friendship, and love."-- Add to Staff Picks Email this Holdings 2nd Floor New Shelf Show me where 306.76/Court 1 / 1 copies available + See all items Description Subjects Lesbians > Life skills guides. Sexual minorities > Life skills guides. Lesbianism. Dating (Social customs) Sex counseling. Queer women. Relationships (LGBTQ) PublishedSan Francisco : Chronicle Books [2021] LanguageEnglish Physical Description166 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 21 cm ISBN9781797201825 1797201824 Main AuthorMaddy Court (author) Other AuthorsKelsey Wroten (illustrator) Contents Firsts & thirsts : crushes & first dates The webs we weave : relationships & dating The universe needs to apologize : heartbreak Support systems : friendships & queer community Letting yourself be known : coming out & families of origin There are no shortcuts : tough conversations. Reviews Review by Library Journal Reviews Court, who is known online as Xena Worrier Princess, has built a wonderful book out of her popular zine. This is more than a colorful advice column; it's a celebration of queer life and an affirmation of the beautiful nuances of relationships. Wroten's charming, highlighter-bright illustrations distill the stories' essences into funny mini comics; their inclusion helps keep the book's tone light even when dealing with heartbreak and depression. Many of the scenarios in these letters will be recognizable to lesbian, bisexual, and queer women and people of marginalized genders. Court and her guest advice columnists (JD Samson, Samantha Kirby, Kalyn Rose Heffernan, and other wise sages) provide plenty of insight while dishing out honest advice and thoughtful suggestions with humor, hopefulness, and respect. The book concludes with resources on mental health, sexual violence, queer relationships, and more. VERDICT While many of these questions come from people in their twenties, the valuable advice and relatable anecdotes will have YA crossover appeal. LGBTQ+ people of all ages will find stories that resonate deeply, and will appreciate Court's candor and humor throughout.—Rachel Rosenberg, North Vancouver District Lib., BC Copyright 2021 Library Journal.

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Transgender children and youth book cover

Transgender children and youth

Elijah C. Nealy

Nonfiction, LGBTQ+, Health

A comprehensive guide to the medical, emotional, and social issues of trans kids. These days, it is practically impossible not to hear about some aspect of transgender life. Whether it is the bathroom issue in North Carolina, trans people in the military, or on television, trans life has become front and center after years of marginalization. And kids are coming out as trans at younger and younger ages, which is a good thing for them. But what written resources are available to parents, teachers, and mental health professionals who need to support these children? Elijah C. Nealy, a therapist and former deputy executive director of New York City's LGBT Community Center, and himself a trans man, has written the first-ever comprehensive guide to understanding, supporting, and welcoming trans kids. Covering everything from family life to school and mental health issues, as well as the physical, social, and emotional aspects of transition, this book is full of best practices to support trans kids.

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Self-ish: A transgender awakening book cover

Self-ish: A transgender awakening

Chloe Schwenke

Nonfiction, LGBTQ+, Memoir, Young Adult

SELF-ish is a narrative drawn from an international life, beginning with some early glimpses out at the world by a girl in a boy's body. Chloe Schwenke was raised as Stephen in a Marine Corps family, and was sent off at age fourteen to "man-up" at a military academy. Later--and still embodied as a man--she ventured abroad to work in some of the roughest regions of Africa, the Gaza Strip, Turkey, and many other locales. Her far-flung global journey was matched in intensity by an inner identity and spiritual struggle and the associated ravages of depression, before she came to the revelation of being a transgender woman. At a time when many Americans are just waking up to the reality of the transgender phenomenon, this portrayal of Chloe's life, her challenging gender transition, and her many accomplishments and adventures along the way (including being among the first three transgender political appointees in U.S. history, under President Obama), creates a poignant story of authenticity, self-discovery, and the meaning of gender set against a fascinating international backdrop

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Origin : a genetic history of the Americas book cover

Origin : a genetic history of the Americas

Jennifer Raff

576.5 /Raff
Nonfiction, History, Science

20,000 years ago, people crossed a great land bridge from Siberia into Western Alaska and then dispersed southward into what is now called the Americas. Until we venture out to other worlds, this remains the last time our species has populated an entirely new place, and this event has been a subject of deep fascination and controversy. No written records--and scant archaeological evidence--exist to tell us what happened or how it took place. Many different models have been proposed to explain how the Americas were peopled and what happened in the thousands of years that followed. A study of both past and present, ORIGIN explores how genetics is currently being used to construct narratives that profoundly impact Indigenous peoples of the Americas. It serves as a primer for anyone interested in how genetics has become entangled with identity in the way that society addresses the question "Who is indigenous?"

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This is a great read for anyone interested in the history and archaeology of the Americas, and the theories and existing evidence of the first people to live there. It's a much-needed update and refresher on the topic! This book has a lot of detail, but is presented in a way that makes it eminently readable and highly entertaining. -Candice

The practice of adaptive leadership : tools and tactics for changing your organization and the world book cover

The practice of adaptive leadership : tools and tactics for changing your organization and the world

Ronald A. (Ronald Abadian) Heifetz

658.4092 /Heifetz
Nonfiction, Business

"The Practice of Adaptive Leadership will help you think more clearly and execute better in a constantly shifting environment. It offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to candidly assessing the situation and yourself, and then taking action. Its wisdom and advice are drawn from the experiences of people like you, committed to advancing what you care about most." "The book is anchored in the framework of adaptive leadership, but goes beyond the theory to provide a practical set of stories, diagrams, techniques, and activities that will help you both assess and address the toughest challenges that lie ahead. Dozens of tools and tactics are presented in an exciting, clear, and reader-friendly design."--BOOK JACKET.

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I'm reading this book to reinforce my knowledge of problem solving and organizational change. It's like an easily readable textbook for MBA students, but the advice is applicable to any knowledge worker needing to unpack thorny problems. Adaptive Leadership theory taught me the term "work avoidance," something I consider each time I find myself delaying tasks I need to be doing. This book also teaches one how to consider defining problems. Is it a technical problem that has a clear solution? Or is it an adaptive problem that requires learning and working with stakeholders? Sometimes, a change in approach is all you need. -Melody

Big feelings : how to be okay when things are not okay book cover

Big feelings : how to be okay when things are not okay

Liz Fosslien

152.4 /Fosslien
Nonfiction, Health, Self Help

We all experience unwieldy feelings. But between our emotion-phobic society and the debilitating uncertainty of modern times, we usually don't know how to talk about what we're going through, much less handle it. Over the past year, Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy’s online community has laughed and cried about productivity guilt, pandemic anxiety, and Zoom fatigue. Now, Big Feelings addresses anyone intimidated by oversized feelings they can't predict or control, offering the tools to understand what's really going on, find comfort, and face the future with a sense of newfound agency. Weaving surprising science with personal stories and original illustrations, each chapter examines one uncomfortable feeling—like envy, burnout, and anxiety—and lays out strategies for turning big emotions into manageable ones. You’ll learn: • How to end the cycle of intrusive thoughts brought on by regret, and instead use this feeling as a compass for making decisions • How to identify what’s behind your anger and communicate it productively, without putting people on the defensive • Why we might be suffering from perfectionism even if we feel far from perfect, and how to detach your self-worth from what you do Big Feelings helps us understand that difficult emotions are not abnormal, and that we can emerge from them with a deeper sense of meaning. We can’t stop emotions from bubbling up, but we can learn how to make peace with them.

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Alright, so I'm only through the introduction, but what drew me to this book is the title itself: Big Feelings. I've heard this term used within the mental health field as well as with children trying to learn what their emotions are telling them. I am already finding it useful. Seeing a mood chart anyone can draw on their own, and reading that one cannot deal with big feelings until they unpack them, makes me look forward to delving in to the triggers they discuss. The simple and relatable illustrations also describe what words cant. Looking forward to digging in. -Melody

Women in white coats : how the first women doctors changed the world of medicine book cover

Women in white coats : how the first women doctors changed the world of medicine

Olivia M. Campbell

610.922 /Campbell
Nonfiction, History, Science

Documents the true stories of three pioneering women who defied Victorian-era boundaries to become the first women doctors, discussing how they banded together to support each other and advocate for women's health in a male-dominated field.

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For fans of Hidden Figures and Radium Girls comes the remarkable story of three Victorian women who broke down barriers in the medical field to become the first women doctors, revolutionizing the way women receive health care. With gripping storytelling based on extensive research and access to archival documents, Women in White Coats tells the courageous history these women made by becoming doctors, detailing the boundaries they broke of gender and science to reshape how we receive medical care today. -Angie

All ages welcome : recruiting and retaining younger generations for library boards, friends groups, and foundations book cover

All ages welcome : recruiting and retaining younger generations for library boards, friends groups, and foundations

Lina Bertinelli

021.82 /Bertinelli
Business, Political, Nonfiction

"With hands-on worksheets, brainstorming activities, checklists, and more, this planner provides practical tools for libraries to grow and strengthen their recruitment, retention, and training of trustees, Friends, and foundation members"--

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Boomers have experience but Millenials and Gen Z have vested interest and they should be allowed/encouraged to create the future they'll have to live in. This book is good advise for seeking out younger board members but I think it can also serve as a call to younger adults that they're valued and desired. -Mykle

Into the forest : the secret language of trees book cover

Into the forest : the secret language of trees

Susan Tyler Hitchcock

582.16 /Hitchcock
Nonfiction, Nature, Science

"For millennia, trees have offered renewal and inspiration. They have provided for humanity on every level, from spiritual sanctuary to the raw material for our homes, books, and food. In this beautiful and revealing book, National Geographic combines legendary photography with cutting-edge science to illuminate exactly how trees influence the life of planet Earth--from our personal lives to the weather cycle. Beautifully illustrated essays tell the stories of the world's most remarkable trees, from Tane Mahura in New Zealand, the ancient Maori "lord of the forest," to Pando, a single aspen spreading over 100 acres: Earth's largest living thing. You'll also discover how an astronaut carried tree seeds to the moon and back; the reason "microdosing" on tree gas is a sure way to boost your immune system; and why playing in the dirt boosts serotonin, happiness hormone"--Amazon.

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This is another book I discovered because I got to catalog it. Perks of the job! It's beautiful. Simply lovely pictures of different species of trees with a short history or factoid of each one. My. Jam. -Melody

Women artists A to Z book cover

Women artists A to Z

Melanie LaBarge

jE LaBarge
Nonfiction, Picture Books, Biographies

An empowering alphabet book celebrates famous and less-represented women artists in a variety of genres who have transformed the art world, from Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keeffe to Jaune Quick-to-See Smith and Xenobia Bailey. --

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I was reshelving this book on the bookmobile and my eyes were instantly drawn to the bright colors of the cover and the stylistic illustrations of the female artists. I read through the whole alphabet and learned about several artists I didn't know about and enjoyed learning about art history in the context of women's role in society during each artist's time. It's also very cool how the illustrator recreated each artist's work on their page but kept the same unique style throughout. So beautiful! -Mari