Dressing on the side (and other diet myths debunked) : 11 science-based ways to eat more, stress less, and feel great about your body book cover

Dressing on the side (and other diet myths debunked) : 11 science-based ways to eat more, stress less, and feel great about your body

Jaclyn. author London

613.25 /London
Nonfiction, Health

Losing weight and feeling better shouldn't feel like a punishment. You deserve to love your routine while honing and solidifying habits that help you look and feel your best. All of this can and will be done within the context of your busier than ever lifestyle. With her extensive background in medical nutrition therapy, nutrition counseling and in the editorial setting at Good Housekeeping, London has seen it all when it comes to the struggles of understanding how and what to eat. Dressing on the side is loaded with simple, actionable strategies for prioritizing foods, eliminating the stress that accompanies food you love and cultivating confidence in your choices. The eleven chapters are inspired by the most common real life perceptions of what it takes to lose weight; London breaks what's at the heart of the issue and offers tools shortcuts and solutions that work within any scenario.

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The f*ck it diet : eating should be easy book cover

The f*ck it diet : eating should be easy

Caroline Dooner

613.25 /Dooner
Nonfiction, Health

Diets don't work. Diet programs make people believe they're lazy, weak food addicts. Dooner presents a funny, edgy, comprehensive program for chronic dieters to help them escape the plague of diet culture, regain their personal power, and reboot their relationship with food, weight and self-worth. She believes we should eat the things our bodies want, and be happy being healthy at whatever weight it might be. -- adapted from publisher info

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Seriously. Eating SHOULD be easy. -Melody

The more or less definitive guide to self-care book cover

The more or less definitive guide to self-care

Anna Borges

613 /Borges
Nonfiction, Health

"An A to Z, mental health-centric handbook that distills the "self-care internet" to four distinctive realms of self-care: physical, mental, social, and spiritual"--

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Body love book cover

Body love

LeVeque, Kelly

613.2 /LeVeque
Nonfiction, Health

In this inspirational yet practical book, the nutritional consultant and holistic healthcare expert who has helped celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Molly Sims, Chelsea Handler, and Emmy Rossum improve their health and achieve their goals shows you how to get beyond the food drama of cyclical fad diets and feel and look great by eating well. Kelly's Food Freedom program helps you set yourself up for success, eliminating cravings, mood swings, and other symptoms caused by food drama. Start your day with her Fab Four Smoothies, including a Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie and a Mango Kale Madness Smoothie, which pack protein, fat, fiber, and carbs to balance your blood sugar and keep you full and happy. After breakfast, you'll thrive with her Fab Four recipes, including Turkey-Stuffed Delicata Squash, Spicy Salmon Nori Burritos, and Anti-Inflammatory Detox Salad, which include the Fab Four food groups--protein, fat, fiber, and greens--that play a role in day-long satiety. Kelly also teaches you how to elongate your blood sugar curve to stay full and happy, and make yourself insulin aware. Kelly has studied the science behind familiar diets to understand how they trigger the body to lose pounds--and why they aren't sustainable. Instead, she offers a better choice: her four-step Food Freedom program that helps you find your wellness balance between eating enough and deciding how you feel. Once you find your balance, you will lose weight, lose fat, increase lean muscle mass, and drop at least one size. You'll also enjoy thicker, shinier hair; clear, glowing skin; a remarkable improvement in your overall appearance; reduced joint pain and other inflammations; increased energy; and better sleep. Filled with tips and resources on supplements and cleansing, dozens of delicious, healthy recipes and advice on how to adjust your eating when traveling and on vacation, Body Love is your one-stop resource to living clean and happy! --|cSource other than Library of Congress.

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The title alone speaks to me! -Melody

The align method : 5 movement principles for a stronger body, sharper mind, and stress-proof life book cover

The align method : 5 movement principles for a stronger body, sharper mind, and stress-proof life

Aaron (Manual therapist) Alexander

613.78 /Alexander
Nonfiction, Health

"Celebrity manual therapist and movement coach Aaron Alexander shows readers how posture and body alignment are powerful tools for building strength, achieving peak performance, reducing pain, and approaching the world with a new sense of confidence."

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Maybe we don't all need to move vigorously to improve our health? -Melody

Pain-free posture handbook : 40 dynamic easy exercises to look and feel your best book cover

Pain-free posture handbook : 40 dynamic easy exercises to look and feel your best

Lora Pavilack

617.564 /Pavilack
Nonfiction, Health

"Pilates instructors Lora and Nikki are leaders in their industry and have successfully helped thousands of people to reduce their back pain. The key? Movement. Now, in this portable, posture-building guidebook, Lora and Nikki share their invaluable exercises and activities to help you develop a healthy spine and alleviate your pain. Learn how posture affects you physically and emotionally, and discover active methods for improving your alignment, reducing neck and back pain from overworked muscles, and finding your own natural posture. Carry The Pain-Free Posture Handbook wherever you go for on-hand, expert advice, featuring easy-to-follow illustrations, posture-building techniques, and breathing exercises for practicing good posture,"--Baker & Taylor.

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For those of us who Work From Home in makeshift "offices" with dining table desks. -Melody

Our subway baby book cover

Our subway baby

Peter Mercurio

jE Mercurio
Read Woke, LGBTQ+, Picture Books, Nonfiction

"Written in direct address to the author's son Kevin, this is the moving and poignant true story about how one baby was adopted after being found on a New York City subway platform"-- Provided by publisher.

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I loved this winter story about finding family in unexpected places. Its message is really beautiful, and I'm looking forward to sharing it as a lap read at home. -Casey

Fallout : the Hiroshima cover-up and the reporter who revealed it to the world book cover

Fallout : the Hiroshima cover-up and the reporter who revealed it to the world

Lesley M. M. Blume

940.5425 /Blume
Nonfiction, History

"New York Times bestselling author Lesley M.M. Blume reveals how a courageous reporter uncovered one of greatest and deadliest cover-ups of the 20th century-the true effects of the atom bomb-potentially saving millions of lives"--

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"Fallout" chronicles the writing of John Hersey's "Hiroshima," originally published in the August 31st, 1946 issue of "The New Yorker." The article chronicled the experiences of six survivors of the United States' dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. What is now seen as a standard text, assigned reading in many high schools, may never have been written. Hersey faced an uphill climb to report the story. There was the United States government and its limitations on where journalists could go and what they could report, as well as their denial of long-term health effects, such as radiation sickness. Also, how do you report this story to an American public that is ready to move on after a decade of war information? Every day they saw images of bomb-out cities and read statistics of the dead and the wounded in the newspapers. They spent years seeing the Japanese as an enemy. How could Hersey make this story resonate? Blume provides a fascinating account of how Hersey struck a chord. If you are a reader of "The New Yorker," this book provides great insight on the inner workings of the magazine during the 1940's. -Anne M

Nolo's essential guide to buying your first home. book cover

Nolo's essential guide to buying your first home.

643.12 /Nolo

This timely title will help buyers find the right place to live and invest in--and even enjoy doing it. Filled with interesting facts, real-life stories and insights, and common pitfalls to avoid, this book provides everything to select the right type of home, the right mortgage, and much more.

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I'm not going to buy a home any time soon. But, before I find a house that I like, I need to just figure out if home ownership is right for me. What's all involved? What should I know before I start looking and get attached to a place that ultimately is no good for me or my family? Luckily, ICPL has many books about buying a home to help people like me. So far, I've found this guide easy to digest. -Heidi K

Vesper flights : new and collected essays book cover

Vesper flights : new and collected essays

Helen Macdonald

508 /Macdonald

Macdonald combines some of her best loved essays with new pieces. Her topics range from nostalgia for a vanishing countryside to the tribulations of farming ostriches to her own private vespers while trying to fall asleep. Meditating on notions of captivity and freedom, immigration and flight, she writes about the unexpected guidance and comfort we find when watching wildlife. -- adapted from jacket

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A great selection of essays that foster solitude, reverence of nature and slowing-down. If you haven't read Macdonald's H is for Hawk, you should check that out. Lab Girl by Hope Jahren would also most-likely be up your alley. -Victoria