Mini crochet creatures : 30 amigurumi animals to make book cover

Mini crochet creatures : 30 amigurumi animals to make

Lauren Bergstrom

746.434 /Bergstrom
Nonfiction, Crafts

"The interest in Japanese amigurumi is explored in minature in this charming new title. Gorgeous and cute, these projects may be small but they are bursting with personality, making perfect gifts for friends and family. These tiny creatures can be used in a variety of imaginative ways--as key rings, jewelry accessories or just displayed as adorable trinkets in their own right. All the basic crochet techniques you will need are clearly explained along with step-by-step illustrations making Mini Crochet Creatures perfect for beginners upwards. Anyone unsure about working in this scale can simply practice with larger hooks and thicker yarn--the patterns are exactly the same. The animals are divided into six categories: farm, small, woodland, pet, sea and zoo so there is something for everyone from an elephant or a whale down to a squirrel, piglet, bunny and even a ladybird or butterfly!"

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30 fun amigurumi to make with step by step instructions. -Beth

Stitch & sew : beautifully embroider 31 projects book cover

Stitch & sew : beautifully embroider 31 projects

Aneela Hoey

746.44 /Hoey
Nonfiction, Crafts

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Great ideas for holiday gifts. -Beth

Merry makers : patchwork quilts and projects to celebrate the season book cover

Merry makers : patchwork quilts and projects to celebrate the season

746.46 /Merry
Nonfiction, Crafts

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Lots of fun holiday themed sewing projects. -Beth

Jewelry school : bead stringing book cover

Jewelry school : bead stringing

Carolyn Schulz

745.582 /Schulz
Nonfiction, Crafts

Beaded jewelry is popular among crafters as it requires very little by way of tools or materials. Jewelry School: Bead Stringing, written by Carolyn Schulz, author of Jewelry School: Let's Start Beading, helps the reader to make attractive, wearable items of beaded jewelry in no time. Bead Stringing is a progression from Let's Start Beading, and focuses on the specifics of bead stringing, teaching the reader more advanced beading techniques.The book is divided into three sections: beading on tiger tail, beading on thread, and decoration and pattern. Through clear, colorful step-by-step photographs Carolyn Schulz guides the reader through the whole process and focuses on a series of projects that readers will be impatient to try for themselves.

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If you want to start at the beginning, this great little book will teach you the basics. -Beth

Quilled Christmas : 30 festive paper projects book cover

Quilled Christmas : 30 festive paper projects

Alli Bartkowski

745.59412 /Bartkowski
Nonfiction, Crafts

"Christmas is the perfect time to brighten your home and delight family and friends with handmade decorations, ornaments, stocking stuffers, greeting cards, gift packaging. In these thirty beautiful holiday-themed projects, Alli Bartkowski shows you how to roll, shape, and glue colorful paper strips into eye-catching framed art for your mantel, a handsome nutcracker figurine to display, dainty snowflake ornaments to hang on your tree, and a stunning poinsettia pin to wear at your next holiday party. Each project is designed for a specific skill level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Plus, you'll find an in-depth introduction, complete with step-by-step photos, to the essential techniques for making basic quilled shapes, elegant quillography, and dazzling linear art"--Back cover.

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An 18th Century Hobby is back yet again. I remember learning to quill in the 1970s, and when I saw this on the shelf I had to give it a try again. All three of the local big-box craft stores (J's, M's, and HL) carry quilling paper - but you have to hunt to find it. -Beth

Modern Scot patchwork : bold quilts inspired by iconic tartans book cover

Modern Scot patchwork : bold quilts inspired by iconic tartans

Kathy Allen

746.46 /Allen
Nonfiction, Crafts

"Pick your favorite kilt and make a tartan quilt!"--Back cover.

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What a challenge! Creating a plaid quilt through piecing. -Beth

Cozy wool appliqué : 11 seasonal folk art projects for your home book cover

Cozy wool appliqué : 11 seasonal folk art projects for your home

Elizabeth Angus

746.445 /Angus
Nonfiction, Crafts

"Celebrate the seasons with this sweet collection of folk-inspired projects using wool applique and embroidery. Featuring the author's signature sheep and floral motifs, these 11 small, charming projects made with easy fusible applique will appeal to quilters, needlework enthusiasts, craft sewists, and more! Relax as you hand stitch these folksy, portable cushions and table runners with needle and thread. The mix of wool and cotton is fun to stitch, display and gift."--Provided by publisher.

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Wool applique is one of my favorite winter hobbies. The first part of the book contains a stitch gallery plus lots of hints for cutting and embroidering with soluble paper instead of freehand. Can't wait to try a couple of these projects. -Beth

50 knitted dolls book cover

50 knitted dolls

Sarah (Sarah Grace) Keen

745.59221 /Keen
Nonfiction, Crafts

"Delight children and adults alike by creating a whole host of fun and fabulous knitted characters from this latest book by best-selling author, Sarah Keen. Inside you'll find 50 knitted dolls in costume and work attire, including graduates, a doctor, fire-fighter, painter and decorator, ballerina, bride and groom, spaceman, snowman, fitness enthusiast and hiker, to name just a few. All the projects are made from DK yarn, which is easy to wash, durable and child-friendly. They are perfect gifts for loved ones or as a treat to yourself."--

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This almost makes me want to learn to knit! They're so cute! -Beth

Going into town : a love letter to New York book cover

Going into town : a love letter to New York

Roz Chast

917.471 /Chast

"For native Brooklynite Roz Chast, adjusting to life in the suburbs (where people own trees!?) was surreal. But she recognized that for her kids, the reverse was true. On trips into town, they would marvel at the strange world of Manhattan: its gum-wad-dotted sidewalks, honey-combed streets, and 'those West Side Story-things' (fire escapes). Their wonder inspired 'Going into Town,' part playful guide, part New York stories, and part love letter to the city, told through Chast's laugh-out-loud, touching, and true cartoons"

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I love love love Roz Chast. Going into Town is a fun romp through Manhattan through the eyes of Roz. Her drawings are so appealing and what she chooses to focus on in her guide to Manhattan is hysterical. I so with she was my friend. I don't know all that much about Manhattan, but I so want to see that spots she has selected. Here's your next, very selective travel guide to NYC! -Maeve

Herding cats : a "Sarah's scribbles" collection book cover

Herding cats : a "Sarah's scribbles" collection

Sarah (Sarah C.) Andersen

COMIC Sarah's
Graphic Novels, Nonfiction

"With characteristic wit and charm, Sarah Andersen's third collection of comics and illustrated personal essays offers a survival guide for frantic modern life: from the importance of avoiding morning people, to Internet troll defense 101, to the not-so-life-changing futility of tidying up. But when all else fails and the world around you is collapsing, make a hot chocolate, count the days until Halloween, and snuggle up next to your furry beacon of hope"--Back cover.

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Herding Cats is the second comic from Sarah Andersen I have read and totally enjoyed. I finished in a sitting, it is a short book, but it is so very funny. Please discover Sarah Andersen if you haven't. You will be happier after you've devoured it! -Maeve