Catside up, catside down : a book of prepositions book cover

Catside up, catside down : a book of prepositions

Anna Hrachovec

jE Hrachove
Picture Books, Animals

In this charming introduction to prepositions, a collection of cozy, knitted cats find themselves in silly situations and PAW-sitively hilarious positions.

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Catside Up, Catside Down, is an adorable picture book featuring knitted cats in hilarious scenes! I'm looking forward to reading this one aloud in Storytime soon. -Casey

I am dog! book cover

I am dog!

Peter Bently

jE Bently
Picture Books, Animals, Humor, Poetry

A day in the life of a dog--told from the dog's point of view! A funny rhyming picture book from Peter Bently and Chris Chatterton. Have you ever wondered just what goes on in a dog's head? Now you can find out in this funny rhyming story!

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I Am Dog, sure is great. Get this book, don't hesitate! This book rocks! This dog is fun! Share this book with everyone! -Casey

10 dogs book cover

10 dogs

Emily Gravett

jE Gravett
Picture Books, Animals, Humor

Bursting with energy and fun, young children will love to count the dogs and the sausages, as well as looking out for all the funny details on each page. The book explores numbers one going up to ten, and ten going down to zero, touching on several simple concepts like half, all, more, less along the way.

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Emily Gravett's follow-up to "10 Cats" is just as delightful and original. Be sure to look out for all the hidden doggy details, especially the endsheets! -Casey

Giraffe math book cover

Giraffe math

Stephen R. Swinburne

j513.2 Swinburne
Picture Books, Nonfiction, Animals, Science

"Told through the voice of Twiga the giraffe, this picture book shares knowledge about giraffes through math, using measurements, graphs, fractions, time, elemental geometry, and percentages."--

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Giraffe Math is wonderful and so fun! Add this to the ever-growing list of fabulous picture book nonfiction. -Casey

In the night garden book cover

In the night garden

Carin Berger

jE Berger
Picture Books, Nature, Animals, Kids

"A collage-illustrated bedtime read about the often mysterious and always beautiful experiences to be found in nighttime spaces"--

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Yet another gorgeous picture book title from Carin Berger! Pair with Ashley Wolff's "Only The Cat Saw" for a fabulous nighttime cat-themed storytime. -Casey

Simon and the better bone book cover

Simon and the better bone

Corey R. Tabor

jE Tabor
Kids, Picture Books, Animals

One day, down by the pond, Simon meets another dog just like him. And that dog has a bone just like his, only better! How will Simon ever get him to trade, when the other pup knows all the same tricks?

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I love books that play with book structure, and this one features a cute dog! The innovative formatting of this title makes for a spectacular lap-sit or storytime read. Pair with Tabor's Mell Fell or Suzy Lee's Wave series for a fun book-gutter-themed storytime. -Casey

Mother of sharks book cover

Mother of sharks

Melissa Cristina Márquez

Animals, Nature

At la Playita del Condado in Puerto Rico, Meli meets a crab, Jaiba, who takes her on a dreamlike underwater adventure, teaches her about the importance of shark conservation, and reveals Meli's ultimate destiny--to become the Mother of Sharks.

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I cannot wait to see this book! Just look at that gorgeous cover... -Casey

The lodge that beaver built book cover

The lodge that beaver built

Randi Sonenshine

j599.37 Sonenshine
Nonfiction, Animals, Poetry

"Resourceful Beaver and his family work every day to build the perfect lodge in the pond, made of branches from the shore willow and silty mud from the streambed, in a book that introduces the engineering feat of dam-building and the life cycle of beaver families"--Provided by publisher.

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A zen, poetic rendition of the "House that Jack Built" featuring soothing colored pencil imagery of beavers, geese, moose and more. If you can't be in the middle of the calm on a lake in the woods, reading this beautiful nonfiction picture book might be the next best thing. -Mari

The evil secret society of cats book cover

The evil secret society of cats

author Pandania

jMANGA Pandania Evil
Graphic Novels, Humor, Animals

"Under the direction of the purple-caped Feline Commander, the Evil Secret Society of Cats schemes against humanity in a series of humorous stories as adorable as they are diabolical. After all, the complex nature of cats is part of their charm"--

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"Fall into depravity, vile human!" And get ready to laugh out loud with this hilariously adorable manga. The easy-to-read, simple panel layout makes this a great first manga experience for young readers as well. The Evil Secret Society of Cats is for anyone and everyone who enjoys animal humor and especially fans of other cat comics like the Chi series, Housecat Troubles, and Yokai Cats. -Casey

The flamingo book cover

The flamingo

1983- author Guojing

Graphic Novels, Animals, Nature

From a highly acclaimed illustrator comes a stunning graphic novel filled with adventure and wonder about an imaginative girl and her obsession with flamingoes. A little girl arrives, excited for a beachy vacation with her Lao Lao. The girl and her grandmother search for shells, chase crabs, and play in the sea, but when the girl finds an exquisite flamingo feather in her grandmother's living room, her vacation turns into something fantastical.

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This mostly wordless graphic novel is a stunner! Guojing's use of texture, color, pacing, and framing are all lovely in this touching intergenerational story. Guojing's art and storytelling just keep getting better! -Casey