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Laura dean keeps breaking up with me book cover

Laura dean keeps breaking up with me

Mariko Tamaki

Read Woke, LGBTQ+, Young Adult, Graphic Novels

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Touching and beautifully rendered in grayscale with occasional splashes of pink, this is a love story for everyone. If you have yet to be kicked to the curb by Laura Dean, it might be time to get dumped. -Casey

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me  book cover

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me

Graphic Novels, Read Woke, Young Adult, LGBTQ+

"History is filled with stories of women accused of witchcraft, of fearsome girls with arcane knowledge. Toil & Trouble features fifteen stories of girls embracing their power, reclaiming their destinies and using their magic to create, to curse, to cure--and to kill...This collection reveals a universal truth: there's nothing more powerful than a teenage girl who believes in herself"--Publisher.

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A touching story, beautifully rendered in grayscale with splashes of pink, this is a love story not to be missed. If you haven't been kicked to the curb by Laura Dean, maybe it's time to get broken up with. -Casey

Monster : a graphic novel book cover

Monster : a graphic novel

Guy A. Sims

Black Lives Matter, Diverse Characters, Read Woke, Graphic Novels, Young Adult

While on trial as an accomplice to a murder, sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon records his experiences in prison and in the courtroom in the form of a film script as he tries to come to terms with the course his life has taken.

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The black mage book cover

The black mage

Daniel (Daniel Howard) Barnes

Black Lives Matter, Diverse Characters, Read Woke, Young Adult, Graphic Novels

"When St. Ivory Academy, a historically white wizarding school, opens its doors to its first-ever black student, everyone believes that the wizarding community is finally taking its first crucial steps toward inclusivity. Or is it? When Tom Token, the beneficiary of the school's "Magical Minority Initiative," begins uncovering weird clues and receiving creepy texts on his phone, he and his friend, Lindsay, stumble into a conspiracy that dates all the way back to the American Civil War, and could cost Tom his very soul"--Amazon.

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The Sandman book cover

The Sandman

Neil Gaiman

COMIC Sandman
Fantasy, Graphic Novels

An attempt to summon and imprison Death, instead results in the capture of her brother, Morpheus, the Sandman, who after making his escape must regain the tools of his powers. Follow the King of Dreams, brother of the Endless, as he travels through a myriad of landscapes to meet with the gods, demons, and others who inhabit both Earth and the other realms.

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The prince and the dressmaker book cover

The prince and the dressmaker

Jen Wang

Graphic Novels

Prince Sebastian hides from his parents his secret life of dressing up as the the hottest fashion icon in Paris, the fabulous Lady Crystallia, while his friend Frances the dressmaker strives to keep her friend's secret.

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This graphic novel is technically part of the adult collection, but my whole family, from my 10-year-old daughter to my teenage daughter to my husband to myself has read and loved it. The artwork is beautiful and the story is adorable. A prince hires a “lowly” dressmaker/designer to help him become who he really is inside, and after some ups and downs, this is a tale of acceptance, friendship, and love. It’s set in Paris at the dawn of the last century and characters ride around in carriages, but speak in modern language, using expressions like “this is crazy” and “cool,” a choice I found interesting. -Anne W

New kid book cover

New kid

Jerry Craft

Kids, Graphic Novels

After his parents send him to a prestigious private school known for its academics, Jordan Banks finds himself torn between two worlds.

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Go with the flow book cover

Go with the flow

Karen Schneemann

Fiction, Graphic Novels, Kids

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Princess Princess ever after book cover

Princess Princess ever after

Katie (Cartoonist) O'Neill

Fiction, LGBTQ+, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novels, Kids

When the heroic princess Amira rescues the kind-hearted princess Sadie from her tower prison, neither expects to find a true friend in the bargain. Yet as they adventure across the kingdom, they discover that they bring out the very best in the other person. They'll need to join forces and use all the know-how, kindness, and bravery they have in order to defeat their greatest foe yet: a jealous sorceress with a dire grudge against Sadie. Join Sadie and Amira, two very different princesses with very different strengths, on their journey to figure out what happily ever after really means and how they can find it with each other.

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