Young Adult

American royals book cover

American royals

Katharine McGee

Fiction, Young Adult

In an alternate America, princesses Beatrice and Samantha Washington and the two girls wooing their brother, Prince Jeffrey, become embroiled in high drama in the most glorious court in the world.

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What if George Washington had accepted a crown instead of the Presidency? And then, what would that monarchy look like in the modern day? The book covers the adventures of four women: Beatrice, the first to-be-queen to reign America on her own; Samantha, her spunky younger sister; Nina, Sam’s loyal best friend; and Daphne, ambitious ex-girlfriend of Sam’s twin brother, Jeff. It does bop between their differing POVs, but it isn’t confusing or jarring. This was a fun YA read with many things that I love - royalty, romance, really well-written female characters. My expectations were high, and they were definitely met! -Angie

Ella enchanted book cover

Ella enchanted

Gail Carson Levine

Kids, Fantasy, Young Adult

In this novel based on the story of Cinderella, Ella struggles against the childhood curse that forces her to obey any order given to her.

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This is such a wonderful adaptation of the story of Cinderella. What I especially love about “Ella Enchanted” is that Ella is such a positive role model for girls. She is strong, bright, funny and self-aware. As a baby, Ella was given the ‘gift’ of obedience by a fairy named Lucinda, but we quickly see that the gift is truly a curse and could have many implications on the life of Ella and those connected with her. Beautifully written! -Becky

House of salt and sorrows book cover

House of salt and sorrows

Erin A. Craig

Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy, Suspense

In a manor by the sea, twelve sisters are cursed. Annaleigh lives a sheltered life at Highmoor with her sisters and their father and stepmother. Once there were twelve, but loneliness fills the grand halls now that four of the girls' lives have been cut short. Each death was more tragic than the last -- the plague, a plummeting fall, a drowning, a slippery plunge -- and there are whispers throughout the surrounding villages that the family is cursed by the gods. Disturbed by a series of ghostly visions, Annaleigh becomes increasingly suspicious that her sisters' deaths were no accidents. The girls have been sneaking out every night to attend glittering balls, dancing until dawn in silk gowns and shimmering slippers, and Annaleigh isn't sure whether to try to stop them or to join their forbidden trysts. Because who -- or what -- are they really dancing with? When Annaleigh's involvement with a mysterious stranger who has secrets of his own intensifies, it's a race to unravel the darkness that has fallen over her family -- before it claims her next.

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This retelling of the 12 dancing princesses was an intense read from start to finish. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I read this twisted, lovely book! -Callie

The downstairs girl book cover

The downstairs girl

Stacey (Stacey Heather) Lee

Historical Fiction, Young Adult

"1890, Atlanta. By day, seventeen-year-old Jo Kuan works as a lady's maid for the cruel Caroline Payne, the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in Atlanta. But by night, Jo moonlights as the pseudonymous author of a newspaper advice column for 'the genteel Southern lady'"--

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This is such a wonderful historical fiction story! I loved learning about the different social classes of 1980's Atlanta! Also, the main character is SO great! -Callie

Beauty : a retelling of the story of Beauty & the beast book cover

Beauty : a retelling of the story of Beauty & the beast

Robin McKinley

Kids, Fantasy, Young Adult

Kind Beauty grows to love the Beast at whose castle she is compelled to stay and through her love releases him from the spell which had turned him from a handsome prince into an ugly beast.

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A very detailed and descriptive adaptation of the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast! The pace of the story moves more slowly, allowing the reader to really understand the character development, relationships, and the magical setting of the tale. Beautifully written! -Becky

On the come up book cover

On the come up

Angie Thomas

Young Adult

When sixteen-year-old Bri, an aspiring rapper, pours her anger and frustration into her first song, she finds herself at the center of a controversy.

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Bloodleaf book cover


Crystal Simone Smith

Young Adult

Aurelia, the first princess born in Renalt in 200 years, is destined to marry the mysterious prince of Achelva, Valentin, but her treacherous lady-in-waiting, Lisette, plots to take her crown.

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Rebel book cover


Marie Lu

Young Adult

Eden Wing has been living in his brother's shadow for years. Even though he's a top student at his academy in Ross City, Antarctica, and a brilliant inventor, most people know him only as Daniel Wing's little brother. A decade ago, Daniel was known as Day, the boy from the streets who led a revolution that saved the Republic of America. But Day is no longer the same young man who was once a national hero. These days he'd rather hide out from the world and leave his past behind. All that matters to him now is keeping Eden safe--even if that also means giving up June, the great love of Daniel's life. As the two brothers struggle to accept who they've each become since their time in the Republic, a new danger creeps into the distance that's grown between them. Eden soon finds himself drawn so far into Ross City's dark side, even his legendary brother can't save him. At least not on his own . . .

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I wanna be where you are book cover

I wanna be where you are

Kristina Forest

Young Adult

When Chloe's mom forbids her to apply for a spot at the dance conservatory of her dreams, she devises a secret plan to drive two hundred miles from Philadelphia to New York, the nearest audition. When annoying neighbor Eli insists upon hitching a ride, he threatens to tell Chloe's mom if she leaves without him and his smelly dog, Geezer. Now Chloe's chasing her ballet dreams down the east coast, with two unwanted (but kinda cute) passengers in her car, butterflies in her stomach, and a really dope playlist on repeat. -- adapted from jacket

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The revolution of Birdie Randolph book cover

The revolution of Birdie Randolph

Brandy Colbert

Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Dove "Birdie" Randolph's close bond with her parents is threatened by a family secret, and by hiding her relationship with Booker, who has been in juvenile detention.

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