Lunar New Year love story book cover

Lunar New Year love story

Gene Luen Yang

Romance, Diverse Characters, Graphic Novels

Graphic novel superstars Gene Luen Yang and LeUyen Pham join forces in this heartwarming rom-com about fate, family, and falling in love. Val is ready to give up on love. It's led to nothing but secrets and heartbreak, and she's pretty sure she's cursed--no one in her family, for generations, has ever had any luck with love. But then a chance encounter with a pair of cute lion dancers sparks something in Val. Is it real love? Could this be her chance to break the family curse? Or is she destined to live with a broken heart forever?

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Gene Luen Yang and LeUyen Pham are some of best in the business when it comes to graphic novels and illustrations in the children's lit world, so I was excited to see a graphic romance novel for (young) adults! I thought the love story was interesting and was blown away by the illustrations. I love a thick graphic novel, and this story has a lot of cool elements--memorable characters, deep family secrets, celebration of Chinese and Korean culture, and of course a long-game romance with a romantic comedy of the 90's-type ending! Would be a great winter read around Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year of course, but a fun summer romance too! -Mari

Ruined book cover


Sarah Vaughn

Fiction, Romance

For fans of Bridgerton comes a Regency-era romance graphic novel about the unexpected passion that blooms from a marriage of convenience. The whole town is whispering about how Catherine Benson lost her virtue, though they can never agree on the details. Was it in the public garden? Or a moving carriage? Only a truly desperate man would want her now -- and that's exactly what Andrew Davener is. His family's estate is in disrepair, but Catherine's sizeable dowry could set it to rights. After the two wed, Catherine finds herself inexplicably drawn to Andrew. But could falling in love with her husband tear her marriage apart? In this richly detailed Regency romance, duty and passion collide in a slow-burn tale of intertwined fates.

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tl;dr: Great book for Bridgerton lovers. I picked up this book because I haven't read a graphic novel romance and was very intrigued when I saw it on the shelf. I didn't like the illustration at first but it grew on me as the story went deeper into the characters' lives and motivations. I tend not to read historical fiction but I thought this might be a nice entry into the Bridgerton-influenced historical romance. There's no narration text, just illustrations and dialogue. The clean-line and uncluttered drawings communicated so much on their own. Novels require descriptive writing to detail the setting, but this graphic novel used sparseness to get me into the headspace of Regency England. FYI--some scenes are mature in nature. -Melody

The book proposal book cover

The book proposal

K. J. Micciche

FICTION Micciche K
Fiction, Romance, Humor

Broke up with, broke, and with a vicious case of writer's block, romance writer Gracie Landing is a hot mess. She can hardly be blamed for drinking one (or a few) too many cocktails when out with her besties in an attempt to cheer herself up. Sometime in the foggy wee hours, she recklessly emails her unrequited high-school crush, Colin Yarmouth, who is now a successful attorney harboring regrets of his own. When she receives an intriguingly friendly (not to say flirty) response, her acute embarrassment is overcome only by her fervent curiosity―what would a hottie like Colin be like as a grown up? The two forge an unlikely friendship that's unmistakably headed for more. Colin's tales of his own woeful break-up become fodder for Gracie's fertile imagination and her current work-in-progress takes off. With the deadline looming and her checking account dwindling, Gracie has no idea that borrowing Colin's story could wreak havoc on her life, her career, and her own chance at happily-ever-after...

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I picked up this book from our "Books about Book People" display that was up in May. That theme is right up my alley. I just know it's going to be a creative read when the hero is a struggling author. BUT THIS BOOK! I binged the last half of the book in one afternoon. The characters are (of course) likeable and relatable, for me anyway. I've read my fair share of books where the protagonist is a hot mess and I personally enjoy the comedic opportunity that kind of character provides. But my favorite comedic bits were in the interactions between Gracie and her friend's Eastern European immigrant mother. She treats Gracie as if she were her own, offering borscht to her anytime she is down on her luck. I just love the tenderness felt among the characters. I read some negative reviews on Goodreads so the book might not be for everyone. But for me, I didn't want the story to be over at "The End." I want more of these characters and hope the author considers featuring them in a future book. -Melody

Attachments book cover


Rainbow Rowell

FICTION Rowell, Rainbow

Beth and Jennifer know their company monitors their office e-mail, but they still spend all day sending each other messages, gossiping about their coworkers at the newspaper and baring their personal lives like an open book. When Lincoln applied to be an Internet security officer, he hardly imagined he'd be sifting through other people's inboxes like some sort of electronic Peeping Tom. Lincoln is supposed to turn people in for misusing company e-mail, but he can't bring himself to crack down on Beth and Jennifer. He can't help but be entertained and captivated by their stories. But by the time Lincoln realizes he's falling for Beth, it's way too late for him to ever introduce himself. After a series of close encounters and missed connections, Lincoln decides it's time to muster the courage to follow his heart, even if he can't see exactly where it's leading him.

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I love these characters, I love the setup, I love how Rowell makes things just messy enough to be real and relatable. Could not recommend it enough! -Amanda

Funny story book cover

Funny story

Emily Henry

FICTION Henry Emily
Romance, Humor

", Daphne always loved the way Peter told their story. How they met, fell in love, and moved back to his lakeside hometown to begin their life together. Too bad it turned out to be more of a prequel, a complication to Peter's actual love story, the one that ends with him dumping Daphne before their wedding to begin a relationship with his lifelong best friend, Petra. And so that's how Daphne's story really begins: stranded in beautiful Waning Bay, Michigan, without friends or family but with a dream job as a children's librarian (that barely pays the bills), and proposing to be roommates with the only other non-Peter-related person she knows: Petra's heartbroken ex, Miles Nowak. Just until she can get a new dream job literally anywhere else. Scruffy and chaotic, Miles is entirely the opposite of buttoned-up Daphne, and they mainly avoid one another until one night, while drowning their sorrows, they form a tenuous friendship. Miles decides he will convince Daphne to give Waning Bay a real shot. He'll show her why he loves this idyllic town and its residents, and if they happen to post deliberately misleading photos of their adventures together-for a particular audience of two-who could blame them? Miles believes Daphne deserves the chance to build a life here, her own life. As she begins to fall for the town, Daphne wonders what this summer is supposed to mean. Is it just for fun? An interlude to her own love story? Or maybe it was never meant to be a love story? Maybe it was just an anecdote to share at future dinner parties: that time she fell in love with her ex-fiancé's new fiancée's ex-boyfriend. Who's to say?"--

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This book needs no recommendations, but, yes! I must recommend it. Hugely popular contemporary romance author Emily Henry published Funny Story on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. I was one of the lucky few who fulfilled my audiobook hold the day it came out. Being sick all week and lying in bed, it was no feat to have narrator Julia Whelan read me this story through my illness. Such real characters, such tender affection, it just might be my new favorite. Sorry, 2022's Book Lovers! Funny Story now wears the crown. My one regret is that I finished it too fast. Time to put the print copy on hold! -Melody

Only and Forever book cover

Only and Forever

Chloe Liese

OverDrive Audiobook
Fiction, Romance

A tender, steamy story about unexpectedly finding love and being brave enough to let it revise life's narrative in the final book in the beloved Bergman Brothers series. Viggo Bergman, hopeless romantic, is thoroughly weary of waiting for his happily ever after. But between opening a romance bookstore, running a romance book club, coaching kids' soccer, and adopting a household of pets-just maybe, he's overcommitted himself?-Viggo's chaotic life has made finding his forever love seem downright improbable. Enter Tallulah Clarke, chilly cynic with a massive case of writer's block. Tallulah needs help with her thriller's romantic subplot. Viggo needs another pair of hands to keep his store afloat. So they agree to swap skills and cohabitate for convenience-his romance expertise to revive her book, her organizational prowess to salvage his store. They hardly get along, and they couldn't be more different, but who says roommate-coworkers need to be friends? As they share a home and life, Tallulah and Viggo discover a connection that challenges everything they believe about love, and reveals the plot twist they never saw coming: happily ever after is here already, right under their roof.

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This is Book 7 in the Bergman Brothers series by Chloes Liese, sadly the last in the series. I read them out of order, starting with Book 2, Always Only You. I would call this series a cozy romance: everyone is honest, open-hearted, well-behaved, and many scenes take place in a historic A-frame house in the secluded woods of Washington State. I had been wanting to try out some sports romances, and I was drawn to Always Only You because of its ability-diverse characters. Each book touches on serious themes while not going too deep to break the fantasy of perfect and easy answers. Some love scenes in the series are open door, earning maybe 4 out of 5 red hot chili peppers for steaminess. -Melody

The Predictable Heartbreaks of Imogen Finch: A Novel book cover

The Predictable Heartbreaks of Imogen Finch: A Novel

Jacqueline Firkins

OverDrive Audiobook
Romance, Fiction

A beautiful story of friendship, and second chances at loveImogen Finch has just been through her sixteenth breakup. She saw it coming, so she's not as crushed as she might be, but with all sixteen of her exes leaving her for other partners, she's come to believe a prediction her well-intentioned and possibly clairvoyant mother made over twenty years ago: that Imogen would never come first at anything or to anyone.Is her love life failing due to a magical curse? Insufficient effort? Poor timing or personality mismatches? Everyone has opinions on the matter.Imogen's ready to give up altogether. But when Eliot Swift, her secret high school crush, returns to their small coastal town after a decade of nomadic travels, Imogen has new motivation to try again. Eliot's full of encouragement. He suggests that her curse is not only imagined, it's easily breakable. All they need is one win—any win—and she can believe in love—and in herself—again.From trivia games to swimming races to corn-shucking contests, the pair sets out to snag Imogen her first first. But when victory proves more elusive than Eliot anticipated and when his deep-seeded wanderlust compels him to depart for far-away places, Imogen fears she is destined to remain in second place forever.Fortunately for them both, sometimes magic lingers in the most unexpected places. And love is far from predictable.

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I picked up this audiobook because I was really attracted to the premise, a clairvoyant mother predicting her daughter will never come in first for anything. I love is when my protagonist is a loser! Just Kidding. Really, tho, so many plots in romantic universes start with a lead who is down on their luck. The novelty of this novel is the lead is perpetually unlucky, but in true romance form, she persists! The double-edged sword of audiobooks is that the narrator's performance can be so realistic and dramatic that the character reads as melodramatic. So it is with this book's male lead, a rich kid with a chip on his shoulder the size of his CEO father. Still, wealthy heirs have feelings, too! I'm about an hour away from completing this book, so fingers crossed he gets a therapist and grows up a little. -Melody

American royals book cover

American royals

Katharine McGee


In an alternate America, princesses Beatrice and Samantha Washington and the two girls wooing their brother, Prince Jeffrey, become embroiled in high drama in the most glorious court in the world.

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A fun read. It gives The Crown vibes VERY well with an American flavor I think many of us can appreciate, mixed with teen drama. -Amanda

My roommate is a vampire book cover

My roommate is a vampire

Jenna Levine

FICTION Levine Jenna
Fiction, Humor, Romance

"True love is at stake in this charming, debut romantic comedy. Cassie Greenberg loves being an artist, but it's a tough way to make a living. On the brink of eviction, she's desperate when she finds a too-good-to-be-true apartment in a beautiful Chicago neighborhood. Cassie knows there has to be a catch-only someone with a secret to hide would rent out a room for that price. Of course, her new roommate Frederick J. Fitzwilliam is far from normal. He sleeps all day, is out at night on business, and talks like he walked out of a regency-romance novel. He also leaves Cassie heart-melting notes around the apartment, cares about her art, and asks about her day. And he doesn't look half bad shirtless, on the rare occasions they're both home and awake. But when Cassie finds bags of blood in the fridge that definitely weren't there earlier, Frederick has to come clean... Cassie's sexy new roommate is a vampire. And he has a proposition for her"--

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This book is ridiculous and I love it. It's such a (refreshingly) straightforward schtick that if we didn't know the male lead was a vampire by the book's title, we'd surely recognize it after he claims she'll never see him during the day because he "works" at night. Everything about him is so obvious (he doesn't know what a trash can is because he's never made any trash) that the story can focus on his charmingly ignorant view of modern day American society. (He's been in a coma for 100 years after his friend accidentally poisoned him). When you read a lot of formulaic genre fiction (and have no shame about it), it's so fun to pick up something that pokes fun at all the traditional plot points and character dramas. Really fun read. -Melody

Happiness for Beginners: A Novel book cover

Happiness for Beginners: A Novel

Katherine Center

OverDrive Audiobook
Adventure, Romance, Humor

As seen on Netflix—from the New York Times bestselling author of The Bodyguard and Hello Stranger Helen Carpenter can't quite seem to bounce back. Newly divorced at thirty-two, her life has fallen apart beyond her ability to put it together again. So when her annoying younger brother, Duncan, convinces her to sign up for a hardcore wilderness survival course in the backwoods of Wyoming—she hopes it'll be exactly what she needs. Instead, it's a disaster. It's nothing like she wants, or expects, or anticipates. She doesn't anticipate the surprise summer blizzard, for example—or the blisters, or the rutting elk, or the mean pack of sorority girls. And she especially doesn't anticipate that her annoying brother's even-more-annoying best friend, Jake, will show up for the exact same course—and distract her, derail her, and . . . kiss her. But it turns out sometimes disaster can teach you exactly the things you need to learn. Like how to keep going, even when you think you can't. How being scared can make you brave. And how sometimes getting really, really lost is your only hope of getting found. Happiness for Beginners is Katherine Center at her most heart-warming, captivating best—a nourishing, page-turning, up-all-night read about how to get back up. It's a story that looks at how our struggles lead us to our strengths. How love is always worth it. And how the more good things we look for, the more we find.

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I saw this trailer on Netflix (which knows me so well) and knew I had to read the book first. I prefer audiobooks for rom coms, and this one did not disappoint. I am a sucker for a transformational backpacking journey in fiction--not something I get to do in real life. The characters were humane and loveable, and the banter between the leads was light-hearted and witty. The title comes from the name of a textbook a fellow sojourner brings with her, a book for a positive psychology class she's taking. Happiness studies grew in popularity as the pandemic wore on, so it might sound old hat to you as you're reading this in 2023. The first edition of this novel came out in 2015 and is seeing a resurgence thanks to the film adaptation. Now I just have to find 2 hours to sit still for a movie night. Happy reading! -Melody