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Access ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, music, videos, and other online resources. Resources marked with a library card require a Resident Library Card* and password/pin.
*Resident areas include Iowa City, Hills, University Heights, Lone Tree, and rural Johnson County.


Ebooks & Audiobooks - OverDrive / Libby

Browse OverDrive ebooks

Stream or download our collection of ebooks and audiobooks from OverDrive to your device or computer.

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Magazines - RBdigital

Browse RBdigital magazines

Stream or download more than 175 magazines through the RBdigital app.

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Magazines - Flipster

Browse Flipster magazines

Stream or download popular magazines like The Atlantic, People, and Entertainment Weekly.

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Streaming Video - Kanopy

Browse Kanopy videos

Stream over 26,000 films and documentaries to your TV, device, or computer.

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Local Music Project *

Browse Local Music Project albums

Our own collection of albums by eastern Iowa musicians available to download for free.
*Available to Johnson county residents.

Local Music Project FAQs

The Library Channel

Browse The Library Channel videos

Watch recorded ICPL events anytime from our video site.

Digital History Project

Browse the archive

Browse digital items that reflect the history of Iowa City and rural Johnson County, Iowa.

Online Resources

Browse the resources

Check out all the databases that we have to offer.


Consumer Reports

Browse Consumer Reports

Reviews, ratings, recommendations, video clips and buying advice for thousands of products and services.

New York Times Online Access

Access The New York Times

Read all online articles from the New York Times website.

Historical Iowa City Newspapers

Browse Historical Iowa City Newspapers

Find articles from Iowa City newspapers between 1840 to 1929 including the Iowa City Daily Press, the Iowa City Republican, and the Iowa City Press Citizen.

Mango Languages & Little Pim

Learn a language

Learn a new language with lessons in 70-plus languages, including English. Also enjoy lessons for kids from Little Pim.

Staff Picks

ICPL Recommends

Browse recommendations

Learn about the latest books, movies, and music staff are enjoying.

Digital Confidentiality

We are committed to protecting patron privacy. However, digital checkouts may not conform to the Library's Policy on Confidentiality. To learn more, please read the American Library Association’s Library Privacy Guidelines for E-book Lending and Digital Content Vendors.