What is this all about?

We wanted to support local arts and so in 2012 we created a downloadable music service for our cardholders. We reached out to eastern Iowa musicians and they generously agreed to partner with us on this adventure. We have contracts with the copyright holders and lease the music rights on behalf of our Johnson County cardholders so that they may stream or download local Iowa music.

Why can't I download the music?

The most likely answer is that your ICPL library account has a home address outside of Johnson County. It may also be that your card has expired, or you don't have a password. Contact us by email/chat or give us a call at (319) 356-5200 and we can help.

How do I download an album to my computer?

  1. Click on an album title
  2. Enter your ICPL card number and password
  3. Click on your preferred file format
  4. Save the ZIP file
  5. Locate the downloaded ZIP folder, double-click on the folder, drag the contents to a preferred location

Can I make copies of these songs for friends?

No, but please tell them about the Local Music Project! They can download music with their own card. The music is copyrighted material, licensed by the artists to us for the private use of our cardholders.

How do I get my album included in the Project?

We are always interested in new Johnson County music releases. If you are located outside of this area, you can still be considered if you're based in eastern Iowa and regularly perform in Iowa City. Please contact our Music Selector to learn more about the submission process.

How can my library do something like this?

Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to share our experiences and tips!

Featured Album

The Negotiators