The snow man : a true story book cover

The snow man : a true story

Jonah Winter

Science, Biographies

"Discover the true story of a man who lived alone in the mountains with a hobby of measuring snowfall that led to groundbreaking data tracking in climate change studies"--

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I am obsessed, I tell you, OBSESSED with this new picture book biography of billy barr, who moved alone to a rustic, isolated cabin in the Rocky Mountains and ended up doing some of the earliest and most groundbreaking tracking related to the heating of the planet when he measured snowfall over time. Jonah Winter has penned more than forty picture book biographies related to environmental, social, and racial justice. Jeannette Winter's illustrations in predominately shades of purple and blue are a phenomenal accompaniment. Check it out! -Anne W

Giraffe math book cover

Giraffe math

Stephen R. Swinburne

j513.2 Swinburne
Picture Books, Nonfiction, Animals, Science

"Told through the voice of Twiga the giraffe, this picture book shares knowledge about giraffes through math, using measurements, graphs, fractions, time, elemental geometry, and percentages."--

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Giraffe Math is wonderful and so fun! Add this to the ever-growing list of fabulous picture book nonfiction. -Casey

The moon tonight : our moon's journey around earth book cover

The moon tonight : our moon's journey around earth

Chang-hoon Jung

j523.3 Jung
Picture Books, Nonfiction, Science, Nature

"Astronomer Jung Chang-hoon provides easy-to-follow scientific explanations of first- and last-quarter Moons, ebb and flow tides, where the new Moon goes, and more."--

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Another new picture book nonfiction title! "The Moon Tonight" is gorgeously illustrated, and the breadth of information is perfect for sharing with younger elementary students. I'm excited to try the included science experiment at home as well! Don't miss this title if you like creative nonfiction or have a little one interested in celestial bodies. -Casey

The Monkey Trial : John Scopes and the battle over teaching evolution book cover

The Monkey Trial : John Scopes and the battle over teaching evolution

Anita Sanchez

Kids, Science, History

"Arrested? For teaching? John Scopes's crime riveted the world, and crowds flocked to the trial of the man who dared to tell students about a forbidden topic--evolution. The year was 1925, and discussing Darwin's theory of evolution was illegal in Tennessee classrooms. Lawyers wanted to challenge the law, and businessmen smelled opportunity. But no one imagined the firestorm the Scopes Trial would ignite--or the media circus that would follow. As reporters, souvenir-hawking vendors, angry protestors, and even real monkeys mobbed the courthouse, a breathless public followed the action live on national radio broadcasts. All were fascinated by the bitter duel between science and religion, an argument that boiled down to the question of who controls what students can learn--an issue that resonates to this day."--Page [2] of cover.

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Who controls what students can learn - parents or the government? What takes precendence, science or religion? What happens when scientific evidence is turned into a political battle? Find out in this book for young readers about - you guessed it! - the 1925 trial of science teacher John Scopes, who defied the law by teaching about Darwin's theory of evolution in the classroom. Whether the cyclical nature of these struggles provides a comfort or makes you feel hopeless, there's no doubt that history repeats itself. Find out what lessons the "Monkey Trial" holds for us today in this new book aimed at 8-12-year-olds. -Anne W

Tree, wildflower, and mushroom spotting book cover

Tree, wildflower, and mushroom spotting

Mary Kay Carson

j582.13 Carson
Nonfiction, Nature, Science

"With 448 full-color, highly illustrated pages, Outdoor School is your indispensable tool for the outdoors. This interactive field guide to plant and mushroom spotting includes: immersive activities to get you exploring, write-in sections to journal about experiences, next-level adventures to challenge even seasoned nature lovers. No experience is required--only curiosity and courage. Inside you'll find easy-to-follow instructions on how to: grow mushrooms with cardboard, compare bark types, count tree rings, survey leaf patterns, create fern spore prints, press and preserve wildflowers--and so much more!"--

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It's spring! Get out there and look at some flowers! I recommend Turkey Creek Nature Preserve (Bur Oak Land Trust) for bluebells. There's a whole series of these Outdoor School books that are worth your time. -Anne W

Is it okay to pee in the ocean? : the fascinating science of our waste and our world book cover

Is it okay to pee in the ocean? : the fascinating science of our waste and our world

Ella Schwartz

j612.4 Schwartz
Nonfiction, Science

"Explore the human systems that make pee happen, tackle environmental questions about the impacts of human waste, discover surprising uses of urine throughout history-like in mouthwash and skin creams-and even try out at-home, hands-on experiments (with no bodily fluids required, of course!)"--

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Did you know that in ancient Rome, buckets were set up along public streets to collect urine from passersby, to use for laundering clothes? That's right, once enough urine was collected, a person would stand in a giant tub filled with pee and dirty clothes, stomping on them to remove stubborn stains. Maybe next time you spill ketchup down your front, try rubbing a little pee on it. That's just one of the many fascinating facts about #1 you can learn from this new book! I won't spoil it by answering the titular question, but you can read to find out the effects of your waste on various bodies of water, how your body makes and eliminates pee, the scientific makeup of pee, and much, much more. -Anne W

When the sky glows book cover

When the sky glows

Nell Cross Beckerman

j551.565 Beckerman
Picture Books, Nonfiction, Science

"Sunrises and lightning storms, rainbows and volcanoes, meteors and fireflies-these beautiful, and sometimes frightening, events that light up the sky might seem like magic. But there is a scientific explanation for each natural phenomenon. Find out the science behind the magic in this beautiful and enlightening nonfiction picture book"--

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When the Sky Glows is gorgeously illustrated, is the perfect length, and has just the right amount of information for budding meteorologists. Add this to the rapidly growing shelf of fabulous nonfiction picture books. -Casey

Mesozoic art : dinosaurs and other ancient animals in art book cover

Mesozoic art : dinosaurs and other ancient animals in art

567.9 /Mesozoic
Art / Art History, Science

"Dinosaurs are endlessly fascinating to people of every age, from the youngest child who enjoys learning the tongue-twisting names to adults who grew up with Jurassic Park and Walking with Dinosaurs. As our knowledge of the prehistoric world continues to evolve and grow, so has the discipline of bringing these ancient worlds to life artistically. Paleoart puts flesh on the bones of long-extinct organisms, and illustrates they world they lived in. Mesozoic Art showcases twenty of the best artists working in this field, representing a broad spectrum of disciplines, from traditional painting to cutting-edge digital technology. Some provide the artwork for new scientific papers that demand high-end paleoart as part of their presentation to the world at large; they also work for the likes of National Geographic and provide art to museums around the world to illustrate their displays. Other artists are the new rising stars of paleoart in an ever-growing, ever-diversifying field." --

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This book is full of really cool art depicting the ancient world. Also, you can leave it on your coffee table to spark a dinosaur chat with your friends. -Mykle

How to read a rock : our planet's hidden stories book cover

How to read a rock : our planet's hidden stories

J. A. Zalasiewicz

552 /Zalasiewicz
Nonfiction, Science

"Rocks are time machines and the keepers of our history. This guide is a geological field trip through Earth's incredible rock formations and the stories they hold"--

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What a beautiful book! The cover lures you in and keeps its promise of providing detailed photos and illustrations. This is an example of excellent book design, IMHO. We had a rock-based advent calendar this last December and I enjoyed learning about the stones with my family. This book takes a deeper look into the science of rock formation. A top pick for geology lovers! -Melody

The universe in you : a microscopic journey book cover

The universe in you : a microscopic journey

Chin, Jason, 1978- author.

Nonfiction, Science

"A book exploring the world of the very small, delving deep into the microscopic spaces just beneath our skin"--

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