My new big kid bed book cover

My new big kid bed

Debbie Bertram

jE Bertram
Kids, Picture Books

When his new dinosaur-themed bed casts scary shadows at night, a child seeks comfort from other family members.

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The moon inside book cover

The moon inside

Sandra V. Feder

jE Feder
Kids, Picture Books

When evening comes and the sun sets, Ella becomes afraid, until one night her mother encourages her to see the beauty in night.

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Night animals book cover

Night animals

Gianna Marino

jE Marino
Kids, Picture Books

Possum is hiding from the sounds in the night, and his fear sets off a chain reaction in the other night animals.

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You can’t be afraid of animals who live in the dark if you’re an animal who lives in the dark, right? Well, if so, someone forgot to tell Possum, Skunk, and Wolf. The playful illustrations in Night Animals will soothe children’s worries with silly antics and lots of laughs. -Angie

Bedtime for Yeti book cover

Bedtime for Yeti

Vin Vogel

jE Vogel
Kids, Picture Books

"Yeti loves playing with his stuffed toy, but when it goes missing he has to find the courage to brave bedtime alone"--

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Yeti is a very big guy, as yetis usually are. But he’s also a big softie at heart, and more than a little scared of the dark. When he needs to find his favorite toy, Yeti manages to face his fear and bring his toy home again. -Angie

Dragon night book cover

Dragon night

J. R. Krause

jE Krause
Kids, Picture Books

Georgie is afraid of the dark, but after an adventure with a dragon that is afraid of the knight in the book where he normally dwells, both are ready to sleep.

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Georgie is afraid of the night, and Dragon is afraid of the knight. Get it? Clever wordplay aside, this darling story of two friends helping each other overcome their fears is sure to be a new favorite in your house, especially if you have a little one trying to conquer their own fears. -Angie