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Mandala Rock Painting for Adults

Creating mandalas, the geometric repetitive paters, often made with dots has become quite popular in the last few years. Both relaxing and meditative, painting a mandala can be a solitary activity...

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Let's Try Creativebug | Virtual Class for Adults with Iowa City Public Library

Experience the joy of making with thousands of award-winning video classes taught by top designers and artists on Creativebug, the library's newest online resource!

We'll start by...

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Family Night | Mother's Day Sew-Along with Home Ec Workshop | Iowa City Public Library

Are you looking for a fun project to do with Mom, Grandma, an aunt or any special guardian in your life for Mother's Day? Why not learn a fun, new skill together with Codi from Home Ec....

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Bullet Journal Basics

Before watching this class, we recommend you watch this video from Ryder Carroll who created the Bullet Journaling Method.

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Family Night: Champagne Irish Dance Performance

Join the dancers of Champagne Academy of Irish Dance in Meeting Room A to learn more about Irish culture, language, music, and dance! Enjoy a showcase of the different kinds of dances by Champagne...

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Obermann Conversations: Domestic Stories

How have relationships between domestic workers and employees changed over time, including around issues of race and gender? What are issues of pay injustice that have been true in the past and...

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The Berlin Wall: Then and Now

A panel discussion on the Berlin Wall and its legacy thirty years after its fall on November 9, 1989.

Cosponsored by the UI Dept of German and the Iowa City Public Library

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All Bodies Belong: Positive Acceptance of Our Physical Selves | Witching Hour 2019

Many of us live in a primarily mental world where we dissociate from or leave our bodies regularly. Research shows that we have complicated, often negative relationships with our physical selves...

Arts, Music, and Hobbies Witching Hour

Creative Tools for the Apocalypse | Witching Hour 2019

It’s hard to predict where we are going in this world. Moral bankruptcy is celebrated and our lives, relationships, and jobs are being impacted. The winds of change are blowing and some would say...

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DNA Interest Group Event: Transposable Elements- The "Ghosts" in Our DNA

Traditionally, the human genome has been thought of as being static. Today we now know that that is not the case. Transposable elements are pieces of DNA that are actively replicating and moving...

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